Zooba V4.25.2 MOD APK (Hack Map)

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Application introduction

In Zooba, the Battle Royale is an extremely entertaining game. Change into a zoo animal and rebel against the zookeepers, along with many other players. The winner of each bombing will be the only animal left standing after eliminating every zookeeper.


Introduce about Zooba

Have you ever been enthralled by the high levels of excitement in battle royale games like Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Do you want to be a zoo-run killing rebel? You should give Zooba a try if you’re searching for a unique theme or a completely different vibe.

Game features


You’ll play as one of the disobedient animals at the National Zoo rather than a powerful warrior like in most other games. Eventually, rises to the position of zoo king by defeating numerous other animals. At Zooba, your main goal is to rule over the animals’ lives and the food chain in this massive zoo. A fun online combat game is called Zooba. The animals in this game are just as ferocious as any warrior you’ve ever encountered. Every beast has unique fighting techniques and weapons.

The left and right virtual buttons on the screen allow you to move around, change weapons to accomplish objectives, take out opponents to gain points and unlock achievements. The points you earn in the game can unlock power items or be upgraded and replaced with more advanced weapons.

Numerous game modes are available

There are numerous game modes available in the game in addition to the conventional battle mode. The player can always find a game mode that suits them and provides an enjoyable experience, regardless of what they choose. In Zooba, up to 45 players can simultaneously occupy each online battle screen. Seeking to become the zoo’s king is still the player’s sole ultimate objective.


Animal upgrade

Over 20 animal species can be found at Zooba. Every species possesses unique abilities, capabilities, and defense systems. You will eventually defeat all of your opponents by using these distinctive weapons in conjunction with cunning attack and defense strategies. You’ll find many interesting things about each animal, and choosing a different species each time is a way to enrich your experience. Naturally, in addition to fighting to obtain upgraded and new weaponry, you can also gather a variety of priceless items to fortify and enhance your character, such as armor, helmets, and backpacks. Your animal character will become more powerful as you collect more.

Develop appropriate battle strategies

As you employ various weapons, your fighting style adapts accordingly. Any tactic is viable; you just need to decide when to strike, defend, or wait covertly for the perfect moment to strike. You can learn how to become a champion by simply trying each one after the other. You’ll be impressed by the animals in this game, I promise. There are a lot of humorous expressions during the intense game. They express themselves in hundreds of different ways, especially when facing enemies and winning or losing.

Attend special events

Remember to show up to the weekly special events so you can obtain even more awesome items that are exclusive to the event. These things will give you a significant advantage in the following stage.

Play with other players

In Zooba, you can play online multiplayer games with friends and family, so you’re never alone. The game is more enjoyable when more people play together. Even better, you can get into a fierce online competition against other random players from around the globe, battling it out to climb the zoo’s leaderboard and move up the food chain.


Download Zooba for Android

This game has as intense combat as any other battle royale title. You will find your crazy “animal part” through the process of playing an animal. Hurry up and download this game and experience its excitement together!

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