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Application introduction

In Zoo Park Story, you can develop a large zoo located in the city, become a manager, and run a business. Meet Kairosoft again. You will need to put a lot of thought and money into making this place one of the tourist spots that draws large numbers of visitors each day. For this place, you even need a possible development plan.

Zoo Park Story

Introduce about Zoo Park Story

Even though Zoo Park Story features the same recognizable pixel art graphics, Kairosoft takes advantage of a top-down viewpoint to make it simple for players to oversee, distribute, and manage their Zoo in its entirety. And don’t worry if you’re still not sure if pixel art can convey subtleties for each animal. When you play Zoo Park Story, you can see every species of animal and how many are in each cage. Every aspect of each is explained in detail, including color, body type, size ratio, and shape characteristics.

The zoo’s people, cars, trees, and services are all beautifully detailed. Pixel art finds it difficult to accomplish this. Kairosoft may have achieved such a smooth animal world in Zoo Park Story because of their extensive experience in developing popular pixel simulation games in the past.

Game features

An abundance of animals

The abundance of animals at the well-known zoo is its greatest attraction. You will need to spend time, money, and effort searching for animals if you want to add more wild species to your zoo. Every location, whether it be the wild highlands, the African jungles, or the perilous swamps, has some animals that are suitable to be brought back to the zoo for breeding and care.

Invest in collecting animals

Certain players seek out only animals that are well-known and frequently encountered. It isn’t appealing even though the cost is low. However, some players are prepared to spend a lot of money to acquire zoo animals, many of which are incredibly uncommon outside of zoos. Although this approach is costly and time-consuming, tourists may find it very interesting. If you’re the latter player, you’ll need to make enough of an initial investment to collect rare animals from around the world. Making smart choices at this early stage will make you more likely to attract customers later on. Making wise decisions now will increase the likelihood that you will draw clients in the future.

Zoo Park Story

Pay attention to visitor feedback and make timely adjustments

You don’t have to hurry through the game’s animal collection quest; you can finish each animal one at a time, little by little, alternating with the zoo’s later development and management. You can adjust your wildlife selection strategy based on how visitors are received. Opening your zoo in the Zoo Park Story is appropriate when your collection of animals is substantial and the infrastructure is starting to take shape. Take pleasure in watching each visitor’s openness, inquisitiveness, and response to the zoo. This observation will help you identify visitor comments. You will then be able to make the necessary changes to create a better Zoo in the future.

Take good care of animals and plants

All animals require proper care, even those in the wild. Create an animal-appropriate cage that is fenced in. Some animals need to be alone, but others prefer to live in groups. Making the room comfortable for them is your responsibility. Apart from housing, there are other issues like food, water, and sanitization in the granaries. It is your responsibility as a manager to provide food, water, and appropriate cleaning techniques to every cage and to have a complete understanding of each animal’s natural habitat.

The flora that grows throughout the zoo needs to be treated with the same consideration and care. Your careful attention to them will cause them to gradually turn green, eventually covering the entire zoo. These plants offer the zoo’s fauna food in addition to shade and landscaping.

Infrastructure construction

You should give infrastructure upgrades a serious thought as your zoo gains popularity and draws an increasing number of visitors. Place additional benches along the route so that visitors can rest. To make the zoo more beautiful, create a large fountain or add a lovely garden. Next, you will open more hot dogs, drinks, fast food, and restrooms in different parts of the zoo, based on the needs of the visitors. The expansion of infrastructure has afforded tourists increased comfort and convenience.

Zoo Park Story

Download Zoo Park Story for Android

For animal lovers who want to own the most renowned zoo in the nation and the entire region, Zoo Park Story is a great business simulation game. The game focuses on building infrastructure, collecting animals, and micromanaging the zoo, so download the game to experience zoo management!

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