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Application introduction

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is a simulation game about a zoo made by Sparkling Society, a mobile gaming company that specializes in city building. In this game, you can construct and manage a zoo in a city.

Zoo Life

Introduce about Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

What a vibrant zoo management game this is!

Game features


In the game Zoo Life: Animal Park Game, you land a position managing a sizable zoo in the city. Everything is up to you in this place, including hiring stewards, managing income, expenses, and profits, and planning events to draw zoo visitors. You’ll be constantly busy because you’re balancing multiple responsibilities and making a lot of small and large decisions. But you will be richly rewarded in return, so go into this game with a clear mind!

You’ll build the zoo of your dreams. The game will feature many stunning animals that you have only ever seen in documentaries. You get to pick the animals you want to bring into the zoo and give them the attention they deserve. Everything is up to you; choose how to draw guests in your own unique style. This is a game where you have total control. Your building strategy and manner of thinking will be reflected in the zoo that was constructed concurrently.

Offline play

Without an Internet connection, Zoo Life: Animal Park Game can still be played offline. Compared to other simulation games, this one has a lot more player-friendly features. You can play the game whenever you want, wherever you are, and even carry over unfinished games.

Zoo Life

Collect rare animals

Possessing a collection of uncommon animals from across the globe is essential to building a valuable zoo. You can explore a wide variety of wildlife species worldwide in Zoo Life: Animal Park Game, from the Arctic to the African deserts. You’ll need to finish a card-collection task in order to gather anything. Capture the most peculiar creatures on the planet by diving, flying, or sprinting quickly. Polar bears, rhinos, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, crocodiles, and lions are just a few of the exceptional creatures that will soon be in your possession. This gives the zoo a special feature that is uncommon and unmatched by any other zoo.

Take care of animals in different ways

The introduction of unusual animals to zoos is only the start. Additionally, you must give them different kinds of care, depending on the species. Penguins are fed baby fish, elephants are fed sugar cane, rabbits are fed carrots, and white tigers are fed leftover animal flesh. You can watch a penguin waddle by itself or watch a baby monkey drink milk. Playing the game Zoo Life: Animal Park will make you rarely forget such a wonderful experience.

Level up and unlock items

Upgrades will enable you to access new areas to enlarge the zoo, acquire new features to gather more animals, and add furnishings and equipment to update the facility’s amenities, which include food and drink outlets, restrooms, benches, and more.

Since there are only a certain amount of unlocks available and customer demand is always rising, you must simultaneously unlock and decide which one to unlock first. They must visit the stunning zoo with its abundance of brand-new, cutting-edge machinery and marvel at the rare animals. They are eager to view the garden’s flora and flowers. They wish to take advantage of the numerous other amenities, including dining and entertainment. There will be an urgent need at all times. You must exercise objectivity when making your decision.

Cute interface and characters

In the zoo, adorable animals are moving in time with the music. Furthermore, the space can be manually customized and embellished as desired. Not only are the zoo visitors lovely, but so are the staff and the characters you portray. You’ll be happy just by staring at the vibrant game interface.

Zoo Life

Download Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Download Zoo Life: Animal Park Game to experience the joy of playing building simulations and managing a fun, vibrant zoo!

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