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When you play, the colors, lights, and sparks that emanate from your character’s robotic weapon arms will astound you. The chaotic battlefield is a lot of fun right from the start.

Introduce about features devastating arm weapons and insanely quick zombie shooting!

Game features


You can use a variety of heavily armed mechanical weapons to fight off legions of zombies in, which transforms you into a mechanical superhero with unique combat skills. In the world of this pixel-art roguelike game, undead zombies pose a major threat to your home. They grew fiercer and more numerous as they swarmed in. They proliferated everywhere, consuming the land and driving out its people. They want to take over the world and devour every human being.

There’s only one thing that can restore hope to people when all else has failed. What’s remarkable about this land are both your presence and the remarkable technological advancements of civilization. When these two elements are combined, a hectic conflict involving lone heroes, cutting-edge technology, and legions of zombies is set in motion.

A zombie shooter unlike any other game adopts a top-down perspective similar to the vintage arcade ship shooter, setting it apart from other zombie shooters you’ve ever played. With countless insane monsters and zombies surrounding him, the main character stands in the center. Players will be able to shoot bullets while spinning a robotic arm in a frantic manner. When a zombie vanishes, it will flash and show the matching score. Actually, arcade spaceship shooting games are a lot like this type of gameplay. All deaths are played from scratch in this roguelike, role-playing survival game, though. Modern games also give characters the ability to strengthen, upgrade, and unlock weapons. As a result, I believe is a game that blends traditional and contemporary aspects.


You select your weapon, your favorite character from the roster of heroes that is available at the start of the game, a few random skills, and then you launch into battle. The secret to winning these never-ending wars is to “get through” the enemy’s encirclement and devise the appropriate plan of attack. If you are in the center of the circle, focus your attention on the weakest zombie types and numbers in the opposing circle, and take direct aim at them in hopes of making an advantage. However, since your robotic arm is capable of eliminating multiple enemies at once, you should attack the busiest areas to break up the encirclement as soon as possible.

Upgrade weapons and equipment

Various attack strategies must be developed based on the game’s screen layout, the time of day, and the weapons you are holding. Simultaneously, as you defeat more zombies, you’ll have more chances to fortify yourself—for example, by discovering epic armor kinds, fortifying your character, boosting your firepower, enhancing robotic arms, and discovering a variety of cutting-edge new technology weapons. You might be able to defeat the legions of zombies with these techniques. It is therefore entirely possible to discover an innate peace in this land.

Graphics and sound

The game’s sound and graphics are two more fantastic features. You may not have witnessed a more insane and fervent zombie battlefield before. The screen never stopped lighting up. From every angle, loud voices could be heard, and dead enemies were lying around that would quickly vanish. Additionally very satisfying are the heroes made with You’ll be incredibly strong, magnificent, and equipped with armor and a massive robotic arm. The game has a nice balance of colors—it’s not overly bright or depressing. Everything in the game fits perfectly with the apocalyptic theme, being dramatic and appropriate.

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In a unique way, the game presents a lot of appealing elements. is a great option if you’re searching for a zombie game with a unique aesthetic.

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