Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami v4.5.133 Mod Apk (Max Level, Unlocked Money)

Name Zombie Tsunami
Publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Genre Arcade
Size 78M
Version v4.5.133
MOD Info Max Level, Unlocked Money
Updated January 30, 2024
Download (78M)

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Application introduction

Zombie Tsunami mod apk is an arcade game published by Mobigame S.A.R.L. The plot of the game revolves around zombies taking over the planet and transforming any humans that come into contact with them into their own species. Players will command hordes of zombies to terrorize people. The army of zombies will not stop attacking the people who are still alive. The number of zombies will rise with just one bite, and the new abilities will enable you to reach more and farther places.

Introduction about Zombie Tsunami mod apk

Players enjoy Zombie Tsunami because of its humorous monsters and unending running game. To prevent having to cut down on soldiers because there are too many traps, you must use extreme caution. Difficulty automatically rises with each stage. Your monster will have more power as the level increases, being able to destroy almost any vehicle the stronger it is. Playing as zombies in this game, players must eliminate every living thing. The player can create more zombie armies after winning the multiplayer. Humans have extremely durable weapons to fight zombies. Therefore, to beat every opponent in each new round of combat, raise the number of zombie armies.

Zombie Tsunami


Outstanding features about Zombie Tsunami mod apk

Simple game goal

The goal of Zombie Tsunami is straightforward. All you have to do is try to live as long as you can and assault as many people as you can while doing so. You must progressively build up your zombie army because there aren’t many zombies in it at first. Simultaneously, you must possess sufficient to assault and destroy everyone you spot within the vehicle. Wormholes, explosives, and reverse-moving cars are the obstacles you must avoid. You will see a summary table detailing the amount of brains acquired in each level of the game once you finish a level. You will also be presented with an unexpected reward if you manage to reach the necessary amount.

Powerful mission system

You won’t get bored playing Zombie Tsunami because there are over 300 different tasks. The game features incredibly clear graphics that showcase numerous stunning scenes. Aside from that, you will be able to explore prominent places like Rushmore, Los Angeles, New York City, the Himalayas, and Mexico. Players will be challenged by each level, which will increase their power.

Zombie Tsunami

Unique game skills

The Zombie Tsunami MOD APK(Max Level, Unlocked Money) gives each player the capacity to employ talents. You must use your skills at the appropriate times because players have a finite amount of time to do so. Because players occasionally have to deal with more complicated situations, you can use the available talents to handle crucial situations. GiantZ, Ninja, Gold, Quarterback, Tsunami, Dragon, Balloon, and UFO talents are available in the game. Every character has a different destruction function for their skill. If you Max out your skills, you’ll be awesome.

Gameplay about Zombie Tsunami mod apk

The unique gameplay of Zombie Tsunami is now easily understood. You will travel to your destination with a zombie when the game begins. Players must invade the city with zombies to devour every human being. You can upgrade the zombies as you gain more money. Your zombie army can contain up to five zombies, and there is no end to the continual running of the zombie army. There are a lot of distracting hurdles in the game as well. The player must consequently maintain perfect control over zombies by focusing, jumping, and sprinting quickly. Your army will be vanquished in an instant if you make any blunders at the end of the level.

Zombie Tsunami

Download Zombie Tsunami mod apk Right Now!

Try your hand at creating a new zombie army in this fantastic arcade game. Gain limitless free coins and money by using our MOD version. 3D animated graphics are used in the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK. Each object, zombie, and barrier in the game has been meticulously crafted by the developers, and they are all highly visually striking. Don’t miss this unique game if you enjoy zombie games!

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