Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari V1.2.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

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Application introduction

You’ll be able to drive an off-road vehicle in Zombie Offroad Safari and be forced to cross streams, mountain passes, and hordes of zombies globally. What is your estimated length of life?

Zombie Offroad Safari

Introduce about Zombie Offroad Safari

This is an action game with zombie survival and cross-country gameplay!

Game features


An open-world sandbox game set in a post-apocalyptic world is called Zombie Offroad Safari. The world of the last few days has devolved into an awful wasteland. There is hardly any human left, the zombie population is expanding, and there is less and less hope for humanity to survive and recover.

Instead of aiming to save the world in Zombie Offroad Safari, players should consider themselves to be regular guy with exceptional driving abilities who is among the few people who have survived. You decide to look for a good off-road vehicle to get out of this scary place and explore a new wilderness away from the zombies that are prowling outside. As you attempt to flee the apocalyptic siege, load up on food and set out on a journey through the terrain that will pass by hostile zombies!

Fast-paced and challenging gaming experience

It’s time for you to leave the bustling city and set out on a protracted journey to explore a dangerous, uncharted territory. In this game, the player takes control of a heavy off-road vehicle, like a six-wheeled gasoline tanker or an off-road vehicle. There was even a truck with the power of terror that could traverse challenging terrain, the tallest mountains, and narrow roads that were inaccessible to both humans and zombies. You’ll need to use a range of lethal weapons against hostile zombies while navigating this terrifying terrain.

We are left with nothing as this world is about to end. Drive and battle as though it were your last. Players in Zombie Offroad Safari are free to explore the enormous open area, drive expertly, shoot zombies, and finish all of the objectives given to them. Remember to uncover hidden areas, gather goods and treasures, and continuously unlock amazing new vehicles, weapons, and level upgrades as you go.

Zombie Offroad Safari

6 sandbox areas

There are six distinct sandbox areas in Zombie Offroad Safari, each featuring unique landscapes, geographies, ecosystems, and environments for players to explore. The roads are uneven and can divert your attention at any time, and there are zombies everywhere. While driving off-road, you can earn bonus points by using your available weapons to combat zombies. When your points reach a certain level, you can use them to unlock upgraded accessories and new vehicle types.

Up to 12 types of off-road vehicles

In the game, off-road vehicles come in up to twelve different varieties. Crazy cars the size of police cars, monster trucks, fire engines, and off-road vehicles equipped with rocket launchers are all present. Every car varies not only in size and look but also in how it handles, climbs, and drives on different surfaces. Players get a lot of excitement just from this.

Any off-road vehicle is your survival tool, so in order to get the most out of it, you still need to regularly upgrade your current vehicle even if you don’t have a new one. Wheel replacements, steering adjustments, accelerator replacements, brake refurbishments, etc. Make every effort to utilize the game’s upgrade tools to turn the mid-range SUV into an off-road supercar that can handle any type of terrain and keep you safe until the end of the journey.

Unlock weapon

In the game, weapons are also crucial. Stun guns, multiple barrel guns, rifles, shotguns, ballistic missiles, and machine guns. Depending on the matching point total, each type of weapon is unlocked in turn. All these things are going to be used to fire at bloodthirsty zombies nonstop.

Zombie Offroad Safari

Download Zombie Offroad Safari for Android

In Zombie Offroad Safari, you can take on a variety of tasks and challenges, such as clearing the area of all zombies to escape the city and reach a safe place, or you can simply hunt for hidden treasures and explorer flags. Download this unusual zombie combat driving game to experience a ton of activities!

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