Zombie Night Terror

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Application introduction

In Zombie Night Terror, the player must lead an army of zombies throughout the city and deep within it to create a post-apocalyptic environment. Is this type of arrangement unique and intriguing to you? Because most of the games out there have you fighting zombies as a warrior, it’s too easy and too familiar. Now you’ll have a chance to play as a zombie spreading fear.

Zombie Night Terror

Introduce about Zombie Night Terror

Launch the game to take control of the zombie army and spread the apocalypse throughout every location you visit!

Game features

New character setting

The game still has the same eerie, dark atmosphere with overtones of the apocalyptic. However, you’re not playing as a skilled fighter or a survivor fighting for their life this time. As the zombie epidemic that is threatening the planet right now, you are behind it. As many living beings as you can eliminate, kill, and sweep away is your aim. Spread fear and destruction throughout the world by applying strategic thinking. You will ultimately cause the world to experience a true apocalypse.


Using a set limit, the player’s first task in this special role is to command a horde of zombies. To intercept prey and track crowded houses, use your flexible maneuverability. By biting, killing, and attacking the living, you will spread the pandemic. Every living person who gets hurt or bitten turns into a zombie very quickly. Consequently, from the first few zombie armies, there are now zombie armies everywhere that are strong and insane. They automatically comply with all of your commands without question as soon as they turn into zombies. The “gentle” zombie army gives you complete control over command, maneuvers, and assigned positions, and they never complain or protest about any risk in the spread of disease.

Zombie Night Terror

Create the craziest possible zombie mutant

Do you recall playing that old zombie shooter game? What is the number of times you have encountered mutated undead or zombies? These zombies must be difficult for humans to deal with, right? To speed up the end of the world, you can now create an infinite number of highly toxic zombie variants in your role as zombie commander. For this purpose, Zombie Night Terror offers a rather unique system of mutation. The zombies steal the most valuable body parts from their victims, kill the most people alive, and pick up new abilities fast. The zombie’s body will eventually morph into something more ferocious and terrifying in reaction to its newly acquired abilities.

The appearance and abilities of each zombie vary. It is your responsibility to gather mutant zombies when they emerge and deploy them to destroy the living. The stronger the mutant zombies you unleash are, the more people you take down. Compared to typical zombies, they also accomplish their objectives far more quickly.

Useful matching system

Zombie Night Terror introduces a combo system as well. Throughout the world, there are a few unique objects. These items can be combined with zombies to create new powers. For instance, you can create an army of skilled zombie users by combining zombies with guns, swords, and swords. Within this range, both the living and the dead are injured, and the survivors soon become zombies.

Discrete 2D pixel art style

Scary, dark, discrete 2D-pixel art is used to create Zombie Night Terror. There are only two black and white tones, but the obsession is evidently growing because the points depict bright red blood spurts during zombie attacks. However, that’s not all. It is possible to demolish the surroundings in Zombie Night Terror. People like to hide in bases or other fortified structures. To breach these robust defenses and overrun the most potent bases, employ kill strategies or unleash hordes of mutated zombies armed with weaponry. You will instantly infect them if you smash them all.

Zombie Night Terror

Download Zombie Night Terror for Android

You can experience what it’s like to command zombies and instill fear throughout the world by playing this game if you think being a survivor is boring.

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