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Application introduction

In ZOMBIE HUNTER, zombie “parties” are colorful and unique. The limitations, powers, and shapes in the game are all incredibly intriguing and unpredictable, bringing the zombie theme to a whole new level.


Introduce about ZOMBIE HUNTER

With its unique zombie designs and endless creative possibilities, this zombie hunter-themed offline game can captivate players for hours on end. Are you prepared for this thrilling hunt? VNG, the developer of ZOMBIE HUNTER, has previously made a series of excellent games, such as Sniper Zombie 3D, DeathWar, DeathTarget, all of which have been very popular with users. Still, there are a lot of unique features in this game that set it apart from others. As you progress through the game and finish objectives, ZOMBIE HUNTER’s peculiar “aura” will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Game features


Like other zombie games, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. However, the world of this game is a little strange. You can encounter robot zombies, giant beast zombies, zombies with rabbit ears, and other types of zombies. As a zombie hunter, you must not only defeat waves of human zombies that emerge in the game but also take out the boss, who has taken over the entire world and is disguised as a mutated zombie. 

Another unique aspect of ZOMBIE HUNTER is its side missions. Zombie hunters now have to solve riddles, unearth secrets, and unearth numerous hidden treasures in addition to hunting, pursuing, and eliminating every zombie in the world. This suggests that no matter how proficient you are with a gun or how powerful your equipment is, you will need to think quickly and come up with shrewd plans of action in order to overcome all of these obstacles.


Unpredictable zombies

According to the game, the zombie virus that is currently circulating on Earth is a very potent strain, and no one can foresee the kind of mutation that they may self-mutate into. Therefore, there is a huge potential for turning humans into various kinds of zombies. You’ll encounter a variety of snobbish, peculiar, and even flamboyant zombies in ZOMBIE HUNTER that you’ve never seen in any previous zombie game as soon as you step into the game.

There are large zombies with a lot of fat on them, zombies with the ability to leap thousands of miles, ground-based rolling and crawling zombies, and even the most insane zombies. Apart from these special zombie variations, of course, there are a ton of toxic zombies all around you, ready to erupt at any moment like tidal waves.

A rich arsenal of weapons

ZOMBIE HUNTER lets players unleash their creativity on zombies and now have the freedom to create an array of cutting-edge weapons that they can acquire by taking out zombies to earn rewards. You can see very contemporary machine guns, bows and arrows, pistols, and sniper rifles in Zombie Hunter. Instead of being the same color as before, each gun has an elegant design and comes in a range of colors. Every gun has an additional mechanism for upgrading its power by adding various components, which improves speed and bombing effects. The game is made more exciting by the fact that, in addition to using a gun, you can use various combat strategies based on your preferences.

Build a solid shelter

As a zombie hunter, if you want to fight and survive in this chaotic world for a while, you need a safe shelter. This is where you should come after every battle to regain your strength and practice weapon upgrade mechanics. This area serves as a defense against unexpected zombie attacks. From the moment you came into the world, you needed to concentrate on creating the perfect shelter. Gather additional materials gradually so that the shelter can be strengthened and transformed into a stronghold that can withstand numerous attacks.


Download ZOMBIE HUNTER for Android

Because of its simple controls, well-known theme, fun gameplay, and unexpected details, Zombie Hunter is a great zombie game.

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