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Application introduction

In Zombie Horde, players can shoot as much as they like in hero first-person shooters and role-playing games. To shoot and eliminate a kaleidoscope of multicolored zombies, simply manipulate the screen. You can also shake it to ward off surprise attacks.

Zombie Horde

Introduce about Zombie Horde

Have you ever played any eerie, dark-themed zombie games? For the first time, a non-dark zombie shooter with an excessive amount of cool colors can be found in Zombie Horde. You’ll love being captivated by this inventive game regardless of the kind of zombie shooter you prefer.

Game features


Utilizing modern cartoon graphics, you can eliminate a lot of zombies that are proliferating throughout the city in the game Zombie Horde. No matter how much or little experience you have with zombie fighting on mobile devices, Zombie Horde’s semi-automatic shooting system makes it easy to get started. There are two aspects to the game: a feature that lets any player join, and another that incorporates role-playing. As you kill zombies to achieve the objective, you will progressively gain more money and gold. Numerous new warrior heroes will also become available to you.

Over 60 heroes to choose from

Over sixty different heroes are at your disposal, each with a unique arsenal, skill set, and range of options. Zombie Horde is making an effort to change the mechanics of the game, eliminating the traditional requirement for players to choose between one or more zombie-killing warriors by introducing heroes. Hundreds of unexpected species can be found in the world of zombies. The game’s details are all complemented by a rich plot, which stands in stark contrast to the graphic style’s derivative humor. The player and the game are more closely connected because of this conflict. When a game turns out to be harder or less straightforward than they had thought, players always get excited and want to explore it more.

Zombie Horde

Different weapon options

The focus of the game is on the shooting experience, so the hero needs to have his own abilities, weapons, and upgrade routes. Each hero has his own unique past, backstory, and background. Heroes differ in terms of their weapons, stats, and fighting techniques. Making wise choices can help you create better campaigns, events, and missions. You have a lot of options when it comes to first-person shooting experiences on the classic platform. Depending on the quest, every hero has varying access to the Zombie Horde’s arsenal. The bullets, design shapes, damage indices, and speeds of each firearm are distinct.

You have two options: either watch as massive cannons fireballs like miniature cannons or use sniper rifles to take out zombies from a distance. Each hero has a unique weapon class that maximizes its effectiveness in battle. The hero has a very special power as well. There are heroes with rocket-firing cannons and others with bio-powered cannons, which enable them to take out an enemy with a single blow.

Multiple gameplay

Zombies are not the only enemies you face. Fortunately, there are survivors in this world. To fully enjoy the thrilling rush of shooting, you can fight alone or form an alliance. You can compete with other players in a range of games and events on global leaderboards. With so many options, players can play well-known game genres in new and creative ways, or they can choose their favorite gameplay.

Zombie Horde

Download Zombie Horde for Android

If you’re feeling particularly sick of dark, grim zombie games, give this dramatic shooter with 3D animated graphics a try. Thanks to its adorable and brilliant hues, the zombie shooting experience will be more unforgettable than before.

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