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Application introduction

Zombie Age: Viral War is a strategy game published by KOOFEI in which you see a conflict between survivors and zombies, or more accurately, survivors fighting for the entire human race. If this work is successful, there will be more opportunities to rebuild a green planet. Otherwise, all humans will become zombies and the Earth will become a desolate nothingness.

Zombie Age

Introduce about Zombie Age: Viral War

Video games frequently feature zombies, which are entertaining to play. You are probably familiar with zombie games’ post-apocalyptic settings. Ever since, a growing number of developers have dared to create creative zombie combat games. This is well illustrated by the strategy world of the multiplayer online zombie MMO Zombie Age: Viral War. Fighting zombies is only the first step in the epic struggle of the survivors to rebuild human civilization, in which you play the lead role.

Game features

Create or join alliances

Rebuilding civilization is a difficult task that will take time to complete. The fate of mankind in the future depends on how many people succeed in surviving. You and your allies will fight vicious waves of zombies until the last one is defeated. The choices available to players are to create their own alliance or join one of the many already formed. As the leader of the team, you must take primary responsibility and use all of your powers to defend and upgrade your weapons against the zombie horde.

Among the survivors of the planet, you must gather a formidable army of warriors. Each has their own fighting style and set of abilities, and they will all try their hardest to complete a range of challenging combat missions to safeguard the refuge.

Highly interactive MMO

Since this is a massively multiplayer online game that simulates what might happen, players should expect to interact with one another quite frequently. Before forming alliances or taking over other alliances, you must continuously add new warrior team members. That is going to have a big impact on each player’s game strategy. Being the person in charge of the big city is the ultimate goal of the aspirant participant. You never know, after all, if you’ll be the one to create a completely new human civilization. Playstyle and character development are up to each player. Relaxed players would rather focus on fighting, they just need to have a clear plan in place at the beginning.

Zombie Age

Watch out for other enemies

It is well known that zombies pose a threat to humanity, they are the scariest things that have ever existed and should be eradicated from the face of the Earth. They are insane, dangerous, and about to undergo a lot of unexpected changes. Even so, you must remain vigilant during combat because there is another, infinitely more unpredictable danger to consider: the threat of malicious people. You lead or collaborate with some dishonest groups. They stab people in the back to gain power and riches in their lowly spheres. You need to be vigilant at all times to prevent these worst nightmares.

Unlock hero

In Zombie Age: Viral War, every player begins as a warrior. As you progress through the combat and achievement system of the game while taking out zombies, you gradually unlock a vast array of stronger legendary heroes from various social backgrounds. They can assist you in making your fighting style more intricate and engaging. For army command to be successful, the force must be distributed evenly. You can effectively accomplish protection and combat missions by allocating missions based on the roles and abilities of each suitable warrior.

Develop appropriate strategies

Each warrior has their unique fighting style. To fully benefit from these unique advantages, the leader must employ every resource at their disposal. Assemble a clear plan of attack, deploy warriors to the front lines, and allow them to fully utilize their heroic potential. You can aid their physical and technical development after the battle by doing this. In the fight to survive the zombie apocalypse, this is also vital.

Zombie Age

Download Zombie Age: Viral War for Android

Are you up for the challenge of becoming a fearless warrior or the leader of a proficient zombie army? You’re ready to be the last hope for humanity. Come on, let’s show off our skills and play Zombie Age: Viral War.

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