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Application introduction

ZingSpeed Mobile is a racing arcade game released by VNG, a well-known game developer. In a very short period of time, the game has garnered nearly half a million positive reviews and over 10 million downloads on Google Play. Get into ZingSpeed Mobility and enjoy an incredible racing experience! By interacting and competing with everyone, players can eventually become the best racer in the world.

ZingSpeed Mobile

Introduce about ZingSpeed Mobile

Most people who enjoy gaming have always found arcade racing games to be very interesting. In addition to having millions of players and intense competition, arcade racing games also feature straightforward gameplay that anyone can select and enjoy. More than a decade ago, ZingSpeed Mobile caused a stir by occupying almost every gaming forum before it was shut down. When Tencent repurchased the copyright after over ten years, VNG re-released the game with an amazing new look and enhancements throughout, making a lot of fans very happy. Players of ZingSpeed Mobile can enjoy an endless racetrack and immerse themselves in the thrill of speed breakthrough thanks to the game’s assortment of exclusive modes and weekly race updates.

Game features

Story Mode

This is a common pattern in classic games. In the long story, players will gradually unlock each chapter through the progress of several races, each with different stages and difficulties. The player will get bonuses, experience points, or decorative items based on their rank or score in the game. It is possible to enhance the player’s car decoration or customize your character with these four items.

Multiplayer Mode

In online games, PVP is another name for multiplayer mode. With this game mode, players can compete by connecting with any player around the world. Game settings range from single-player races to multiplayer battles to prop races with standardized difficulty levels for unique obstacles. Even in later stages, players can race in teams or participate in more engaging events once they reach a certain level and unlock new features. One could argue that the game’s PVP multiplayer mode is its best feature. Here, players can engage in intense multiplayer competition, as well as experience unique new game modes.

ZingSpeed Mobile

Strange and familiar gameplay styles

After more than ten years of waiting, ZingSpeed Mobile has returned with a distinctive yet recognizable arcade racing style that does not disappoint players. Because the developers have improved on the previously mentioned features and made major upgrades, the gameplay is almost perfect. Gamers won’t take long to get used to the corner or speeding phase. Further, players need to get used to the boot feature (with nitro), which lets them accelerate fast for brief periods of time, or practice drifting around tricky corners. Of course, ZingSpeed Mobile’s success isn’t just about speed. In addition to practicing these two skills, players need to have lightning-fast improvisation and perfect reflexes if they want to ultimately win.

Customize your car

With ZingSpeed Mobile’s latest optional feature, players can now alter and personalize their cars. After a few games, each win will earn players more experience points and gold. As a player advances in level, more powerful new accessories and upgrade information become available. These upgrade details and accessories can be purchased by exchanging real money for in-game gold or diamonds. As items get harder to find and more potent, their prices will rise accordingly. But it will all be worthwhile when you see your chariot completely transformed.

Graphics and sound

ZingSpeed Mobile has certainly progressed tremendously over the course of its more than ten years of development because of how quickly modern technology is developing. The cartoon style is amazing, covering a great deal of detail in the circuit, setting, characters, and vehicle design. Game sound effects still have a strong competitiveness. The drag effects, the engine sounds, the roar, and the scraping are all reproduced very realistically.

ZingSpeed Mobile

Download ZingSpeed Mobile for Android

It has to be said that in the long wait, ZingSpeed Mobile exceeded the expectations of all players. With its realistic music, captivating graphics, and perfectly balanced gameplay, this racing game is definitely a must-play game.

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