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Application introduction

Zgirls3 is a cross-platform role-playing game published by Topwar Studio, and players around the world are excited about the birth of this game. For players who enjoy online role-playing games, Zgirls3 is the best option because of its dramatic graphics, exciting adventure and combat gameplay, and special features.


Introduce about Zgirls3

Players of Zgirls3 will immerse themselves in a mythical world full of surprises, interesting details, and tactical maneuvers needed to defeat their opponents. Here, you have the freedom to craft your own adventures and learn about the supernatural abilities of your characters. There are many tasks to complete in the game, such as defeating challenging bosses and delving into the mysteries of the world. In addition, the game allows users to engage in intense PvP battles in order to defeat other players.

Game features


The story of Zgirls 3 takes place in the last days. The goal of the game is for players to build bases, armies, and plans. Players must work with companions around the world, build bases, engage in battles, and form their own armies to complete a variety of missions and activities.


Zgirls3’s gameplay mostly remains pure strategy, but it has been updated with many new features. While choosing characters with a variety of skills to defend a global base, players must build and expand their base. In addition, players can explore and experience a wide variety of game modes in this game. Combat System: One of Zgirls3’s best features. Players are equipped with an array of weapons and equipment to augment their character’s strength in the game, in addition to attack and defense capabilities. In addition to this, players need to develop a good strategy and choose the most appropriate lineup for each match.


Rich custom equipment system

The extensive custom equipment system that Zgirls3 offers for every character is another distinctive feature. To provide their characters with weapons, armor, badges, props, and skill upgrades, players can trade and search for items. With the help of Zgirls3’s economy system, players can make purchases, save money, and trade or exchange goods to give their characters more power in the arena. In addition, players can build custom teams in the game. Every character possesses special abilities and some uncommon skills, such as the ability to use magic and cards, as well as to attack, defend, and assist. To win, players must coordinate with other members of their team and choose the type of character that best suits their fighting style.

Join or create your guild

To succeed in the game, players must not only master military tactics but also build connections and interactions with other members of the community. Zgirls3 provides players with a wide range of interactive features, such as forming alliances for cooperative missions and planning cooperative raids to split rewards. Players have the option to form or join guilds, collaborate on tasks, and engage in combat with other guilds. As a result, players are presented with some fresh challenges and a competitive gaming atmosphere.


There are various game modes for you to choose from. The primary game mode is called Story mode, and it has a compelling and intricate plot. Players can strengthen the team by upgrading their characters’ skills and unlocking new ones in this mode. In challenge mode, players can show off their fighting prowess and tactical awareness. Players must overcome obstacles of all kinds in this mode in order to win numerous priceless prizes. In PVP mode, players will have to face other players to compete for stats and rankings. In guild mode, users congregate and communicate with other users to plan cooperative fights and engage in combat with other guilds.

Annual events

Zgirls3 also gives players access to several exclusive events in the game where they can take part and win alluring prizes. These consist of PvP competitions, activities surrounding significant annual festivals, daily events, and more. Players have a fantastic chance to obtain priceless items to enhance their characters.


Download Zgirls3 for Android

For all fans of card strategy games, Zgirls3 is an enjoyable game to play. It will immerse players in a challenging world and deliver a rich and engaging experience thanks to its stunning graphics, captivating plot, and various combat features.

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