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Application introduction

Zero City is a zombie strategy game published by UPWAKE.ME. When zombies took over the world, have you ever wondered what you would do? As a zombie pandemic breaks out and spreads, the survival game Zero City replicates real life. Can you picture how you would spend the night if you were in this situation?

Zero City

Introduce about Zero City

The game depicts post-apocalyptic people’s daily lives quite accurately. People struggle to survive in bunkers in a world overrun by zombies and darkness. In addition to the zombie battle, Zero City, a city created from nothing, is different from other zombie games in that it shows the real life of humans after the zombie outbreak. You will learn about the unusual rules of life inside the bunker and observe how people survive in this harsh and potentially dangerous environment. The squad can train during the day to prepare for fighting zombies at night. They can prepare food and search for supplies during the day; At night, they need to adequately protect themselves with fully armed weapons.

For those who enjoy adventure, it makes for a demanding yet dramatic life that is also quite thrilling. There has never been a tight connection between day and night, maintenance, construction, rebuilding, and zombie fighting.

Game features


As the head of the lucky survivors’ bunker in the city, you will assume command. Your duties include overseeing the daily fierce battles between humans and zombies, managing the bunker’s occupants, and assigning each person specific tasks. In addition to commanding and fighting, you will need to mobilize the necessary manpower and resources from the overworld to develop and improve security systems, expand the bunker, and make it a valuable living space, safe from hordes of hostile zombies. To properly complete these two important assignments, you must complete the assigned tasks each day. You will also be required to assist non-combatants with meal preparation, cooking, teaching, training, child care, and gathering items from the ground.

Collect items

Remember that anything could come in handy. Everything that you and the other survivors find in other deserted shelters will come in handy in the fight for survival. I’m sure there will be occasions when we can use them all, so let’s collect and store them all.

Zero City

Build and upgrade infrastructure

Everyone else in this bunker seems to have become a zombie, leaving only a small group of people alive. Leading the bunker means moving swiftly to build and improve its infrastructure and defenses before zombies get a chance to infiltrate and destroy it. Creating defenses should be your main focus right from the start of the game. Determine the material’s thickness and length, position the defense, and work out the best arrangement for it. Making more informed decisions can be aided by closely examining the population distribution within your bunker.

Exploit the value of each person in the bunker

Throughout this trying time, everyone’s capacity and will to live are tested to the limit, and they all display their most exceptional abilities and talents. To maintain a normal life during the day and concentrate on fighting at night, each bunker dweller should carefully consider their valuable skills and assign different tasks according to their skills.

Multiplayer mode

You have the option of playing single-player or multiplayer PVP in Zero City. As a result of the stronger survivors, you must not only combat the zombies but also defend your people and army from the approaching wave of other survivors. At this point, the stronger person will prevail. If you lose, all of your hard work and this dependable haven will be gone. There are moments when this fight gets hotter than previous zombie conflicts.

Zero City

Download Zero City for Android

Zero City is a fun zombie game with lots of interesting features to discover and take pleasure in. It also includes gorgeous cartoon graphics, a survivor mode, and a lovely PVP mode.

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