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Application introduction

Zen Match is a jigsaw puzzle game published by Moon Active. Are puzzles your thing? Zen Match can improve the comfort of your leisure time. People’s eyes sparkle at this natural and fresh picture because of the vibrant patterns. Calm music plays throughout the game to help you unwind. When you’re idle, give Zen Match a try!

Zen Match

Introduce about Zen Match

Is work and study taking up all of your time? Do you have multiple issues to deal with, like relationship issues, work schedule conflicts, financial strain at home, emotional issues, etc.? Everyone experiences stress, so you need to figure out a way to deal with it if these issues are causing you to feel worn out and stressed. You can relieve tension and temporarily distract yourself with a few small puzzle games, allowing you to feel happy and at ease again. Zen Match is a mahjong game featuring a ton of vivid, colorful graphics and upbeat music. You can truly relax your brain by installing this game on your computer and playing it for a few minutes each day!

Game features


Classic mahjong and number puzzle gameplay are combined in Zen Match. The game has a large number of levels, and you can level up from easy levels to difficult levels in Zen Match. This game not only helps you relax to the relaxing music but also allows you to concentrate and immerse yourself in the puzzles of the game. According to the requirements of each level, you need to match three tiles together, and the tiles will disappear after the proper match. Once all of the tiles on the screen have been removed, the game is over.

This game is special because it can be played daily and new levels are always waiting for you. There will never be any monotony or repetition in the game. You will have a distinct and different experience even if you replay the old level.

Decorating the Meditation Room

You’ll get a gorgeous decoration each time you finish a level. Similar to a real-life yoga class, you will have your own meditation room in the game. You can redecorate your meditation space however you like with these decorations. In this way, Zen Match is a game that blends the well-known mobile interior decoration genre with the triple puzzle form.

Zen Match

Rich patterns and wallpaper

The game’s background is made up of numerous lovely wallpapers featuring different types of flowers, trees, mountains, and rivers. These gorgeous scenes appear before your eyes when you look at these high-definition wallpapers, brightening your vision and making you feel very happy. Every level has a unique pattern, which can continuously arouse new emotions in you. Examples of patterns include those found in digital art, mahjong, fruit, insects, and more. You can find a wide range of unique patterns in the game.

For a peaceful experience

There are various levels in Zen Match to aid in maintaining focus. You can feel joy and happiness from lovely natural wallpapers as well as from the various colored, shaped, and detailed bricks on each level. Poetic background graphics and upbeat background music will ensure that you are fully submerged in the serene gaming environment.

MOD APK version of Zen Match

You’ll have an infinite supply of lotus, coins, and diamonds. Clean and ad-free pages will greatly improve your gaming experience.

Zen Match

Download Zen Match for Android

Playing a soothing puzzle game like Zen Match can not only help you reduce stress and be more relaxed, but it can also help you focus better. You have more control over your everyday life when you can relax properly. Play Zen Match with your loved ones and share it with them!

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