Your Majesty

Your Majesty V1.11.8 MOD APK (Menu: Auto Win)

Name Your Majesty
Publisher Donuts Co. Ltd.
Genre Role-playing
Size 82M
Version V1.11.8
MOD Info Menu: Auto Win
Updated January 16, 2024
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Application introduction

Your Majesty Mod APK is a training RPG published by Donuts Co. Ltd, where players will listen to the character’s songs while battling a king who has the faces of both justice and madness!

Introduction about Your Majesty

To a whole new and thrilling fighting universe full with varied personalities, Your Majesty extends a warm greeting. In a number of new levels, players can fight and prove their mettle. In addition, players can use any weapon in the game without any restrictions. In order to expand your arsenal with more cutting-edge and contemporary weaponry, you can also explore new territories. An authentic and engaging fighting environment is produced by the game’s dynamic animations and sound effects.

Your Majesty

Outstanding Features

Wide selection of music

In addition to selecting their favorite stories, players can role-play as their favorite characters. Furthermore, players have complete control over their fate and are free to savor every exciting second of His Majesty’s challenge. The game’s characters are meticulously crafted, featuring numerous iterations of their physical attributes and fighting skills. Players are therefore better able to select a powerful character that fits them. This game’s best feature is its array of music selections. But every song has a distinct reaction to a different character in the story. In order to improve their abilities and get to new levels, players must fight. By putting your best self forward in challenging activities, the game will help you realize your full potential.

24 Kings with different attack styles

It has a conflict where you have to defend 24 distinct rulers who have returned to life in a different realm. You can use special powers during battle to listen to the character songs of the 24 kings. The creators of “D4DJ” and “Nanasys,” Donut Games, will put their all into their music, and together we will witness the magnificent fights of the kings! Normal attacks happen automatically in combat, and tapping activates talents. Kings with great attack power can launch unrestricted attacks during combat. To defend the kings and aid them in combat, the player will raise a shield. You can have the upper hand in combat by activating your skills.

Your Majesty

Thousands of different levels

Once the player has acquired the required tools and skills, they can engage in brutal combat. Players are venturing into unknown area and gaining experience with a range of new feelings. There are also lots of treasures to find and cutting-edge weapons to obtain. Every battleground used for a skirmish is different, and powerful monsters are often involved. Thousands of different levels are available for you to play through and earn experience in the game. Players compete against each other in order to win. There are many different kinds of battlefields to explore and the game is created in a variety of genres. Players can expand their horizons and get new experiences as a result of the game.

New game mode

Apart from taking on challenges, players have the opportunity to participate in multiple novel game modes. You can engage in independent fight and feel the ferocity of the struggle in a variety of combat settings. An additional factor contributing to the game’s overall popularity is the multiplayer mode. You will thus have the chance to make friends with lots of other gamers and engage in combat with them. You can access new stages and other exclusive goodies by eliminating every creature in the game. Its striking design and vibrant graphics have added to the game’s appeal.

Your Majesty

Download Your Majesty Right Now!

When you use a special royal skill in a combat, a character song will start to play. Every one of the twenty-four monarchs has a character song and is voiced by a well-known actor. The character song is sung by a different vocalist than the voice, so you can fully appreciate the melody that builds to the fight. Download Your Majesty now and experience a variety of new challenges!

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