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You Can’t See Me is a horror game published by Genuine Studio Ltd that recreates a series of well-known horror stories. When you inadvertently read the story, the ghost appears and begins to follow you. How do you get rid of them without getting hurt? You Can’t See Me presents a difficult challenge that will make your heart race and your feet tremble.

You Can’t See Me

Introduce about You Can’t See Me

Do you like to investigate a variety of related paranormal topics and watch ghost stories and movies? If you’ve heard a lot of ghost stories, but want to look for a place where you can bring all the famous ghost stories together for your enjoyment. Let’s try playing “You Can’t See Me” now.

Game features


It’s unlikely that you expected the phone you use daily to be home to a variety of ghosts and evil spirits. They lurk there, waiting to erupt, to resurface, to torment you. You Can’t See Me assumes this background. Your life is tormented by your lifeless phone, which has inadvertently become a bridge to the devil, causing you a whole host of different forms of trouble. There are currently 16 stories in the game that center on the ghost and the phone. Every story retells a well-known ghost story or anecdote from antiquity to the present, from the West to the East, such as Soul Catcher, Anabella, and Vampire.

The narrative starts with you reading a ghost story on your phone. The ghost is somewhere inside the phone, waiting to hear its name called, break free from its shackles, and then materialize outside in its timeless form. You have to get over your fear, battle these demons’ horrors, and figure out how to get rid of them from your current location. You Can’t See Me presents that difficult task in a lighthearted manner, making for hours of captivating gameplay that you won’t want to end.

You Can’t See Me


After emerging from the sealed phone, the ghosts or evils ran straight into their familiar location. The ghost appears in the corner of the room, wearing a white shirt, its head hovering above you, its arms and legs outstretched in front of you, as if ready to attack you at any moment. Annabelle tries to sit in her armchair and glares at you. She looked like an ugly doll with a terrible face.

They could be under your feet, above your head, on the ceiling, or anywhere in the room. So you have to figure out a way to solve every ghost in every story if you want to keep facing and banishing ghosts. Every story has distinct new scenes that correlate to each level.

Dangerous and unpredictable mission

You Can’t See Me is primarily about how to entice and drive away ghosts, not about saving humanity or rescuing some idealistic world. It’s not always simple, though, and there are moments when you have to pay with your life. You Can’t See Me features sixteen levels that are named after sixteen well-known ghost stories from all over the world, from Western to Eastern, including stories from comic books and movies about the hidden underworld. You will receive specific guidance on how to drive out and lead each type of ghost.

Use your imagination to come up with the most inventive ways to keep yourself safe, play, cope, and enjoy 16 of the most beloved ghost stories in history by following these instructions. Because of this, You Can’t See Me is not just a game but also a lively anthology of ghost stories for individuals who are interested in learning more about this paranormal subject.

You Can’t See Me

Download You Can’t See Me for Android

For fans of the supernatural genre, this demon puzzle game called “You Can’t See Me” is sure to be worth playing. The gameplay consists of half puzzle solving and half enjoying the numerous ghost stories that have been passed down from East to West over the years. Let’s download You Can’t See Me now—this game is worth a try!

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