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Application introduction

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening is a role-playing game published by NOCTUA GAMES that tells the story of a world ruled by a horde of ferocious monsters. It’s time to call the gods to awaken and assemble a group of Saviors to bring the world back to life. This slightly anime-inspired RPG will provide you with hours of unforgettable and poetic gameplay.

Yggdrasil 2

Introduce about Yggdrasil 2: Awakening

In Yggdrasil 2: The Awakening, a group of insane and horrifying monsters invade a rotten world. As their numbers grew, they ruthlessly smashed things and went on a killing spree. Is the end of the world approaching? It is your mission to rouse the gods, gather allies to battle monsters, and bring the world back to life!

Game features


Many nations have selected their heroes to save the world. You are one of the lucky few chosen by fate. It will be a hard battle ahead, requiring many talents to come together. Thankfully, goddesses are always willing to assist, and with more than 100 goddesses on the globe, you’ll have a formidable army on your own. Can we save a world in danger and destroy a ton of enemies with this power? It all comes down to how well you can organize and manage your group.

Strong sense of immersion

As the name of the game suggests, you will challenge the world’s most powerful goddess and awaken your natural fighting instincts to join the fight. Yggdrasil 2: Awakening retains the character and animation aesthetics of the first film while adding some new elements. Thanks to everyone’s upgrades, shiny costumes, and sharp faces, players feel a strong sense of immersion from the moment they enter the game.


You will channel all of the goddesses’ power to aid others as the world’s savior. As soon as the game starts, you will gather a group of five goddesses, chosen from the first cast of characters, and set out on a journey to a new continent. Here, you’ll battle to defend the city by using your skills. It’s not as hard to play Yggdrasil 2: Awakening as you might think because it has an automatic hit mode that you can switch on or off. If automation is enabled, you can watch events unfold on the battlefield without having to take direct control of the character.

Yggdrasil 2

Form your battle squad

How to assemble a team of five goddesses is the leader’s greatest challenge. You can try different combat strategies on each map and choose the one that works best for you. By making a clear plan of where to go, what to do, and who should be the first and last in your group to go. Goddesses can obtain legendary weapons and numerous potent upgrades based on the quantity and quality of their battles. When every member of the team reaches SSR level, you will have an unbeatable team that can defeat opponents who are battling other Saviour destiny bearers or monstrous foes.

More than 100 roles available

When the number of combat achievements you’ve racked up reaches a certain level, you’ll be able to gradually unlock all 100+ characters in Yggdrasil 2: Awakening. You’ll have hundreds of possible team configurations with that number. When fighting, strategy is not just about how the lineup is put together; you can also find the best pairings and combinations to complement each other’s strongest weapons to create the ultimate combination.

Game modes

You can engage in the PVP arena’s challenges with other players when you’re not paying attention to the plot. Every Savior possesses a legendary team that will use their special abilities to vanquish their rivals and emerge as the world’s Messianic leader. You can enter roguelike mode to add drama to the action, which increases momentum and makes the combat more circumspect. This mode is recommended for players who enjoy taking on challenges. The combat in Yggdrasil 2: Awakening is stunning and captivating, with amazing 3D graphics and animations. On your screen, an epic sensation will arise.

Yggdrasil 2

Download Yggdrasil 2: Awakening for Android

To sum up, Yggdrasil 2: Awakening is a gorgeous and thrilling game. This is a very difficult but well-worth-playing idle fighting game, download it quickly!

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