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Application introduction

Yeager: Hunter Legend is an action game published by IGG.COM that brings a vast world to players who love to hunt monsters. Considering the abundance of unusual and dangerous creatures on this strange planet, are you prepared to go hunting?


Introduce about Yeager: Hunter Legend

Monster hunting has been a topic of discussion since the days of arcade games on consoles, but it wasn’t until the wildly successful Monster Hunter Rise series that it gained significant traction in the gaming community. Yeage: Hunter Legend is a good option if you want to experience monster hunting before advancing to more complex platforms to play Rise of the Monster Hunter. Experience a role-playing game about monster hunting on a strange planet!

Game features


In Yeager: Hunter Legend, an expansive open-world monster hunter role-playing game, you use strong, unique weapons to hunt down a variety of the strangest creatures. In the game, you take on the role of Yeager, a highly decorated Vedran hunter. He is sent on a mission to recover priceless artifacts that the planet’s inhabitants have stolen, to a planet known only as the Ekors. Your mission is going to be extremely tough from the moment you step foot on this planet.

There will be strange animals, unexpected traps, and unfamiliar environments to deal with. It will be in these pivotal moments that the skill and bravery of the courageous hunter can be fully utilized. You’ll find hints that lead to the revelation of sinister mysteries that have been hidden here for centuries as you battle and hunt monsters.


Collect and master all kinds of weapons

You will collect a variety of weapons with great destructive power and hunt down strange and fierce monsters in the strange planet world brought by Yeager: Hunter Legend. Compared to other action role-playing games, Yeager: Hunter Legend has a distinctive combat system. Five different weapons are at your disposal: the Wave Blaster, the Fury Blade, the Force Hammer, the Hunting Sword, and the Eidolon Spear.

To be able to adapt and use the right weapons against the right monsters, significantly weaken them, and deal damage, you have to learn these details and master them. In contrast, if the incorrect weapons are not used, the character will become distracted, unable to dodge attacks in time, and their physical strength will be gradually depleted as the battle wears on.

Upgrading weapons and combining weapons

The number of terrifying species on Earth is increasing, and their challenges are growing as well. You must strengthen yourself and become more combat-effective in two ways in addition to using weapons: First, weapons need to be upgraded. Many Kalars are needed to increase the power of advanced weapons. Killing monsters will yield Karal. Next, mix and match weapons to unleash special attacks on monsters at the same time.

When you mix the two, along with effective movement techniques and clever combat moves, you can take down enormous monsters, including bosses that hide in the planet’s enormous canyons and forests. Bosses are different from ordinary monsters in that they can fight with special skills and can move quickly to avoid shots. Therefore, you must approach them with extreme caution.


This mobile game does an excellent job of displaying detailed 3D monsters. From the mountains and rivers to the never-ending mountains and forests, the surrounding landscape is also quite beautiful. The game is smooth and visually appealing overall. Games are very particular about the hardware, so to ensure that you don’t get stuck in the middle of the game, carefully read the publisher’s instructions.


Download Yeager: Hunter Legend​ for Android

Yeager: Hunter Legend is a very attractive monster-hunting role-playing game on mobile, even though it’s still really picky about the device and has a few minor graphic bugs. Instead of focusing too much on the role-playing elements, the game places a special emphasis on the player’s strength and movement strategy.

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