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XSCamera v3.0.3 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

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Application introduction

Download and enjoy the screen recording app XSCamera on mobile to help you record the screen livestream when you are playing games in a very convenient way!

Introduction about XSCamera

With the increasing number of various and complicated apps and games, it’s much more important to help users learn how to use an app and solve some mobile problems by recording a screencast, or help game players livestream the screen when playing a game.

In order to meet the needs of such special filming requirements, you need to find a dedicated screen recording support app rather than the regular video recording applications. In that case, XSCamera is very worth a try with its quite good function. Here are some details about XSCamera.


— Whats special about XSCamera?

Compared to other apps, XSCamera is intuitively designed for users to use easily with its main function to support then too record Android screen videos for various purposes. It has lots of custom settings and many video recording methods that can suit all users’ needs.

You needn’t to carry out cumbersome operations or get support from other software and hardware but just open the app and press the record button, then you can start to record background videos according to your preference. Besides, you can also customize many of the elements when recording such as previewing selection, fully hidden recording, progressing snapshots or adding logos.

Another unique point of XSCamera is that your ongoing mobile activity will never be interfered during recording your mobile screen. You can still continue your tasks like checking the time and email in your schedule, or receive phone calls while you are recording.

— Flexibility and compatibility

This app can always make sure its flexibility and compatibility. It supports all video quality and formats, and allows you to export the recorded file in all kinds of file extensions with quality, whether it’s SD, UHD, HD or Full HD, letting your product capable to be played on large screens thanks to its stable quality.

As for its high flexibility, XSCamera offers you options of whether to record with sound, flash or not. Moreover, you can also dub the sound if you like, or add claps and some other interesting sounds in order to liven up your video.

It’s even extremely dynamic as well to talk about its angle factor. The fact is evidenced that you can shoot with the rear and front cameras and can still produce the same high quality. In addition, live livestream video can be recorded as well, which quality will always remain unaffected.


— Is there any limit when using XSCamera?

The answer is almost no! This app can be used even when offline or when you set your screen to be in lock mode in order to protect the application. And when recording, you are allowed to see your mobile’s storage capacity by combining the storage and RAM tests on the devices.

The number of recording the mobile desktop is not limited, too. As long as you want, you can record the background videos with limiting the recording time. This app supports many different languages, which makes it handy and convenient for people from all countries around the world.

In conclusion, XSCamera focuses on the Android mobile screen recording as its main function. It’s good at all the roles in terms of visualization, flexibility, and unlimited recording support. XSCamera is always a good choice for those in search of an app used for instructions of some certain applications or livestream the screen. Therefore, download XSCamera to enjoy its excellent features now!



  • Name of App: XSCamera
  • Category: Photos & Videos   
  • File size: 16MB
  • Last updated on: October 23, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v3.0.3 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: KurdCC 
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)
  • Requires Android: Android 6.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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