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Application introduction

Xenowerk Tactics is a strategy game published by Pixelbite. Do you enjoy taking part in strategy games? Are you fond of titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics or XCOM? If so, you should try Xenowerk Tactics, a recently released strategy game that is well-liked by a large number of players. As an adaptable leader, you will organize and oversee base staff and dispatch soldiers to nearby locations for operations and missions.

Xenowerk Tactics

Introduce about Xenowerk Tactics

Biological warfare and science fiction are the main themes of this turn-based strategy game created by Swedish studio Pixelbite. Since its launch, the game has received hundreds of thousands of downloads from Google Play. The game production team was somewhat surprised by the positive effects that the game brought about. And the download count is still rising! Challenge your friends and family to test your own strategic acumen, apply critical thinking, and take on Xenowerk Tactics!

Game features

Game background

The plot, which takes place in an Arctic research facility that is unexpectedly attacked one day by a number of mutants and monsters, is remarkably similar to that of horror films or older Doom video games. Fortunately, the army and special forces moved quickly to restore order to the base, but the security challenges and monster attacks persisted. Building, upgrading, recruiting, raising troops, and coordinating personnel are your responsibilities as the supervising commander-in-chief. You will look for ways to take out all mutants, evil groups, and teams assembled to defend the Arctic’s final line of defense.

Ensure full equipment

To combat mutants, secure bases, or carry out rescue operations in hazardous conflict zones, weapons and equipment are indispensable. Make sure that all of the following are in working order: food, ammunition, medical supplies, and weapons.

Xenowerk Tactics

Unique conscription system

As the commanding general in the game, you will appoint a diverse group of soldiers and utilize their distinct abilities and traits in combat. You should focus more on these two particular individuals. Maulder can simultaneously destroy multiple targets with one throw of a grenade. In order to defeat adversaries who were heavily armed, Mcowen always carried a stack of machine guns with him.


During the mission, three or four people will be under the player’s control. But players also frequently run into a number of unanticipated issues along the road, like consuming toxic food, suffering injuries while traveling, coming across bandits, mutant animals, or vicious mutant monsters. To guarantee the task’s successful completion, the player must possess strong strategic abilities.

Manage and build your own base

Players have to manage and construct their own bases in addition to difficult combat missions. To improve soldier morale, for instance, modernizing hospitals to care for the injured or constructing bars or spas. The soldiers in the game need your assistance to level up more quickly, earn experience points, and upgrade different pieces of equipment to acquire more powerful abilities.

Single-player offline game

Players can play the game whenever they want and are not restricted by the Internet. Gamers can experiment with various strategies to suit their preferences on an infinite number of maps and intricately designed levels. Players can also choose and command a group of characters from among the countless warriors of different character levels that are available to them. Excellent 3D graphics are present in every character and map, and the physics and fighting effects are simply breathtaking. The game’s cloud server allows users to save multiple game stages.

Xenowerk Tactics

Download Xenowerk Tactical for Android

Instead of being an action game, this strategy game incorporates role-playing elements. Xenowerk Tactics is unique due to its superb combat gameplay and appealing base-building features. This is an amazing game that you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy strategy games. Now go download and play Xenowerk Tactics!

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