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XCamera V1.1.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Application introduction

While XCamera is a difficult app for amateurs to use, taking pictures and editing images will produce professional results. That said, users can take advantage of XCamera to improve the quality, convenience, and smoothness of their virtual travels.


Introduce about Xcamera

This app focuses on shooting high-quality images and editing them so that anyone can use it! It’s time to give XCamera a try if you’ve used camera lens apps that record videos but most of them don’t cover all the details or because some programs are too complicated to use and take a lot of time and effort to customize.

Main features

Outstanding convenience

The app is an Android app that is a highly professional camera lens. In other words, after installing XCamera on your device and snapping a photo with the application’s built-in camera, you’ll get a brand-new selfie that looks like it was taken with a top-notch pro camera. Its user-friendliness is what makes this application unique. The buttons are conveniently located, the custom operations are easy to use, and the XCamera’s entire intricate design has been thoughtfully considered to provide comfort. Everyone can use them without needing to learn or practice them too much because they are all as brief, moderated, and easy to use as possible.

Intelligent Photography Mode

In addition to using a real camera lens, XCamera’s seven shooting modes include square photography, normal image, professional shooting, video recording, food photography, and wide-angle panorama. Every shooting mode has an auto-tuned setting that has been adjusted to standard values using the optimal parameter set recommended by professional photographers. Apart from the pre-installed settings, the software enables users to alter image parameters and data in accordance with their artistic vision to produce the most visually striking images.


Different real-time filters

XCamera features 19 real-time filters in addition to shooting modes for different subjects. This means that after choosing your shooting mode, you can pre-select these filters. These filters are applied to the image from the moment the application lens is lifted to take the shot. As a result, you don’t need to go through any extra post-production filter adjustment steps to get the final product right after shooting.

Powerful HDR Features

Moreover, XCamera has remarkably potent HDR features that enable users to capture striking highlights and shadow details without sacrificing the sharpness of moving images. For a range of effects, this feature offers exceptionally high image quality and improved subject tracking.

Customize camera parameters

You will be astonished by XCamera’s ability to adjust camera settings. It is possible to personalize nearly all of the important metrics that you require in a professional camera or picture. You can adjust how the lens focuses when you need to zoom in and out to get a better picture. To rectify the original color of the image and modify its intensity, navigate to the White Balance function cluster and make the necessary adjustments. You must modify the exposure feature set when you need to change the ISO to fit your surroundings, whether it’s daytime, noon, or nighttime.

Selfie function

Like many later-released modern cameras, the app also features a selfie function. Both the front and rear cameras produce far sharper photos than the devices above, regardless of how the timer is set. “Snapshot” and “Burst” are additional options. Don’t worry about missing any amazing moments by not getting the entire sequence captured while you’re having a blast.


Download XCamera for Android

An intuitive interface and user-friendly operation characterize XCamera, an intelligent and professional HD camera lens app. By taking virtual photos of yourself with it, you can save a lot of time when taking selfies. This software will undoubtedly surprise you if you enjoy taking photos, so you shouldn’t pass it up!

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