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Application introduction

X Survive is a survival game published by Free Square Games. Have you ever had fantasies about surviving on a remote island? Imagine that you arrive on a remote island where you are free to explore, express your creativity, and create your special area. A new city is then born.

X Survive

Introduce about X Survive

While there are many open-world survival games on the app market, X Survive stands out from the crowd by combining sandbox gameplay with an innovative approach. Developers have to spend a lot of money on equipment to reach the point where the game can run smoothly and with more richness. Many other games fall short of their style, fail to recognize the needs of the player, and leave the player with a shallow, uninteresting play experience. X Survive’s sandbox environment isn’t too bad overall, and despite some inflexible game controls, such as the character’s manual movement, it’s still a fun game.

Game features

A gorgeously designed survival sandbox game

Players can focus on their missions and items in the game. You are free to build, explore, fight, or loot anything that interests you. The game’s bright and realistic sci-fi background not only makes people feel cool but also makes players feel at ease. The frequency of tasks in the game is moderate—not too little, not too much—and they are rather dispersed. There will be more new missions as you progress through the game and learn how to navigate the world. For the player, the game won’t be stressful because there isn’t much going on in this environment. The minimal equipment needed for X Survive allows the game to run smoothly on most devices and load quickly.

“Future” style

The fact that X Survive takes place in a future world is what makes it so unique. This imaginative science fiction island adopts a “futuristic” aesthetic in everything from the materials, building techniques, and craftsmanship to the persistent monsters and severe weather. Metals, ores, and volcanoes can be used to create imaginary guns, and carbon steel and stainless steel can be used to build homes. Modern-day vehicles are also a feature of the game, and you can build them with a lot of items you find and the pieces of the monster you just defeated.

X Survive

“Wild” sci-fi life

The concept of X survival is the “wild” sci-fi life, and it immediately grabs players’ attention. In the game, we’ll locate supplies and materials and learn how to create every object. The survival mode in X Survive looks incredibly modern and differs greatly from the manual “survival” concept we’ve previously encountered. Naturally, one must locate food and water, construct a shelter, and then continuously create objects to sustain life. When making supplies, the player should keep a close eye on the character’s survival status.

Unleash your imagination to build a metropolis

Players can enjoy themselves on this space island by decorating their house and the streets around it, exploring the area, and observing the weather during their hectic days of trying to survive. In X Survive, you can construct any kind of structure, such as a typical shelter, a home, or a contemporary base. You can use all of your imagination to color a strange fantasy planet. You will rule this vast planet, and you can establish a sizable metropolis with hundreds of distinct homes.

Fight the enemy

There are a lot of unknowns on this planet that have never been visited. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for threats, make sure you’re safe, and, if needed, take out any monsters or untamed animals. You must wear safety gear and have a firearm with you. Players must not only adjust to the quickly shifting weather but also be on the lookout for space bandits’ “visit”. It is necessary to build a secure base, set traps, and add more weapons. Furthermore, upon overcoming the bandits, you will consistently obtain some precious goods from them.

X Survive

Download X Survive for Android

The setting of the sandbox survival game X Survive is a futuristic sci-fi world where everything is new and unknown. Prepare to discover new planets by downloading X Survive!

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