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Application introduction

If you are a music lover especially fond of Hindi and English songs, you won’t miss such great music app named Wynk Music!

Introduction about Wynk Music

Wynk Music is a music and audio app for listening to music and Podcasts, released and developed by Airtel. In order to support every user’s needs, a series of online and offline music player apps has been created now. If you like to listen to music with foreign genres including Indian music or UK-US music, Wynk Music is a great choice for you to enjoy. It has collected all the trendy songs in various languages especially Hindi and English. And here are some details and perks about this app.

Wynk Music

— What is Wynk Music?

 It’s a free platform about music with over 50 million songs from Hindi, Lofi, Bollywood, EDM, to classical and pop songs. It’s also a platform for showing Podcasts. If you are a Podcast enthusiast, this app will never disappoint you thanks to millions of podcasts to be updated every day.

— Various genres and songs

Wynk Music is one of the apps with the fastest speed to update songs, allowing you to choose the songs you prefer freely no matter when it has just been released. It offers a treasure trove of all kinds of songs except for Hindi music and US-UK music, such as Kpop music as well as Bollywood music. You can enjoy all the songs as long as you can imagine.

— Personal playlists management

It needs to be informed that this app is capable of managing your playlists in your music library. Such folder can help you download the songs you choose to your device and create separate playlists. As a result, you can easily manage your own players by either adding the songs you like or deleting those you are fed up with.

Wynk Music

— Follow your favorite artists

It’s another feature of Wynk Music that you are allowed to click and follow your favorite artists freely. And the songs from those artists will be recommended more after being followed, making you more convenient to choose to listen or write a comment on them.

— Support lyrics when listening to music

You can also sing along with the song while you are listening through Wynk Music. In this way can listeners feel relaxed and joyful with a light rhythm or excited with the adventurous music. It’s one of the most effective ideas for retaining users to turn on the lyrics and sing along with. This app does well in such field of quickly integrating and inserting lyrics into the songs.

— Listen to music offline without network connection

Even when there is no Internet connection, you can still access your playlists to listen to music through Wynk Music. You can do this anywhere and anytime as long as you download and put the songs in the section named My songs.

— No ads

As the dense appearance of ads will make listeners feel very uncomfortable, this makes sure to avoid any annoying ad during use to interrupted your music enjoyment!

— Podcasts

Except for offering songs on Wynk Music, it also supports you to listen to the Podcasts in English language. There is no need to go across multiple platforms as you can listen to both music and Podcasts in one app at the same time.

In conclusion, Wynk Music, as a free and convenient music platform, has attracted lots of attention from music lovers and received nearly millions of downloads on the Android applications thanks to its wide range of song store and exclusive features. Therefore, it’s really worth your try for joy by just downloading it to your mobile right here right now!

Wynk Music


  • Name of App: Wynk Music
  • Category: Music & Audio   
  • File size: 40MB
  • Last updated on: October 30, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v3.50.0.9 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Airtel 
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(No Ads)
  • Requires Android: Android 6.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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