Wrestling Revolution 3D

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Application introduction

Wrestling Revolution 3D is a fighting game published by MDickie. Since its 2014 release by publisher MDickie, Wrestling Revolution 3D has been one of the most played sports games on the market, enjoying steady growth in popularity. The game’s unique features and stunning 3D graphics have attracted a large number of players from all over the world. It’s astounding to learn that MDickie’s games have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times just on Android!

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Introduce about Wrestling Revolution 3D

You should give Wrestling Revolution 3D a try if you enjoy wrestling video games; it’s an amazing and flawless gaming experience. Because of its intricate storyline, beautiful graphics, and engaging gameplay, this game is a great choice for fans of sports, especially those who like casual wrestling.

Game features


Wrestling Revolution 3D created a very basic control interface. To make sure you can easily participate in and execute wrestling moves, you can use the touch screen to move left, right, up, and down, or you can use the virtual keys on the keyboard to control the character’s movement. Using virtual buttons, you can move, shoot, and wrestle with ease. By hitting the appropriate keys, you can manipulate your character’s left and right hands to attack or defend. You have to move quickly when your opponent strikes to dodge blows and launch an attack.

The way the character reacts can be changed by using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts or the attack and counterattack icons displayed on the screen. With unique movements and abilities, you will be able to carry out unique attacks.

Wrestling Revolution 3D


In Wrestling Revolution 3D, you can take control of any random wrestler to witness dramatic wrestling and stunning martial arts. Experience the amazing atmosphere in the largest ring in the world by joining him in one of the WWE game modes. Professional wrestling matches will take place in solo competition mode, and every level will offer a different and intriguing challenge. These contests typically involve teams, doubles, or singles, and passing them typically necessitates a high score.

Another feature of the game is the duel mode, which allows you to control two wrestling characters at once or choose your team to compete against other teams. Compared to the single-player mode, the Double wrestling mode will provide you with a fresh and unique experience. In the Team wrestling mode, you can participate in squad matches and oversee a wrestling team. Determine your course of action, oversee your team, and guide each wrestler’s advancement.

Create your character

You have the ability to create any kind of character in Wrestling Revolution 3D, including both homemade and professional wrestlers. Selecting “Create New Wrestler” from the game’s home screen is the first step in creating a character. During the creation process, players can change the wrestler’s body’s dimensions, look, state of health, energy, and power. Users can also select attributes such as gender, age, talent, nation, area, and favorite referee through the character creation function. Additionally, you can use your own photos that you upload to create custom characters.

Other features

Wrestling Revolution 3D offers a ton of other features in addition to the ones listed above, like match record modes, commercial games, and wrestling scoreboards. As a result, you can push yourself out of your comfort zone and improve your wrestling skills by competing on global leaderboards or taking part in exciting tournaments.

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D for Android

Whether you’re an avid fan of the WWE or just want to play an exciting wrestling game, Wrestling Revolution 3D is a great choice. The game has a large user base, distinctive arenas, and features that help you develop your skills and become a real professional wrestler in addition to offering you great graphics and a full gaming experience!

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