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Application introduction

Wreckfest is a racing game published by HandyGames. Wreckfest is a racing game published by HandyGames. After years in the racing world, feelings have gradually hardened. Has there been a racing game recently that has left you feeling bored or even restless? Once you start playing Wrecklest, that mentality goes away. You can break all the limits on Wreckfest!


Introduce about Wreckfest

One of the most peculiar racing games you’ve ever played is called Wreckfest. Any heart that adores speed will feel its ferocious destructiveness once more. While Wrecklest has long been accessible on a PC, now you can have more fun with Wrecklest on your mobile device. The most intense racing game available for mobile devices has been developed by Wreckfest, who describe their work as “burning rubber, smashing metal”.

Game features


Your goal is to take control of the dilapidated, dusty, and time-worn vehicles, making them appear to be stepping out of a scrap yard and moving across the terrain. You’ll then have to transform one of the vehicles into a powerful heavy bulldozer in order to sweep and crush any small or large enemies that get in your way. This game will make you never give up any chance of a knockout on every track. Players must concentrate on accurate navigation and apply all of their power at the appropriate moment as a result of this harsh approach to racing. If you love speed and racing, this sports game is definitely not to be missed.

Transform yourself into a heavy mobile bulldozer

Wreckfest is a racing game that has stood the test of time and still adheres to tradition. This implies that you will be vying for first place in each game against other online players. But Wreckfest has made a racing environment where all you have to do is turn into a massive moving bulldozer and smash through every barrier and opponent you encounter in order to advance and cross the finish line first.


The higher the risk, the higher the score

Similar to other racing games, Wreckfest awards bonus points based on how hard you smash, wash, iron, and strafe opponents—just like modern race cars do. However, the level of difficulty varies. A higher score corresponds with increased difficulty, danger, and risk.

Upgrade your vehicle with points

By accumulating points, you can improve the vehicle’s parts and increase the “Bulldozer’s” power to eventually locate and eliminate more adversaries. Parts, both big and small, like fuel system, roll cage, side shield, air filter, and bumper reinforcement. A change in one or more indicators will follow each component and reinforcement. Your car’s destructiveness increases with the level of upgrades. Protecting your bulldozer from additional harm is another goal of the car modification process. However, you should also be aware that putting too many engines in a car will make it heavier, which will impair handling and flexibility in general. To reach power levels and keep speed, you have complete control over how many items you add, modify, and customize.

Quality physics simulation

There will be insane explosions, sweeps, and crashes, all of which clearly call for very accurate physics simulations. The intensely explosive races between the cars on the track are what make Wrecklest successful. You have a variety of options for taking out the player’s race cars on the road, including slithering, colliding with an opponent, blocking the head, sharply turning, hitting the other car, and ramming the vehicle’s side on both sides. The wreckfest simulation is so realistic that you can actually feel your car trembling during a crash, and as you collide with your opponents, cracks, dents, breaks, and breaks start to show up.


Download Wreckfest for Android

Every game mode offers a unique explosion experience. You can engage in arbitrary online multiplayer arenas or ask friends to join local cooperative games. Try the entertaining challenge mode of the game if you’re not into competition. The basic gameplay of Wreckfest remains the same: driving, smashing, and destroying everything in your path, regardless of opponents or environmental obstacles.

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