World War 2 Reborn

World War 2 Reborn V3.58 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Name World War 2 Reborn
Publisher Sparkle Games Studio
Genre Shooter
Size 152 MB
Version V3.58
MOD Info All Unlocked
Updated November 22, 2023
Download (152 MB)

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Application introduction

World War 2 Reborn is a classic first-person shooting game. Do you enjoy playing shooter games with a military theme a lot? As an army commander, you will have to defend allies and defeat enemies on the battlefield while dodging numerous threats with your skillful shooting.

Introduce about World War 2 Reborn

The gameplay and graphics in this World War II-themed shooting game for mobile devices are of exceptionally high caliber. Furthermore, players are allowed to fight other players online in both online PVP and extended narrative modes. World War 2 Reborn is a military action strategy game set in World War II. You’ll be faced with a bloody gunfight in the game, so you’ll need to constantly be prepared to take out your adversaries. In the epic World War 2 Reborn, the gun-filled battles and eternal soldiers’ souls are recalled from the bloodiest war in history.

As a brave soldier, you will engage in sniper missions, fire constantly, and fight off strong enemy forces until the very end. To earn the respect of your Allies and amazing rewards, you can bravely destroy as many enemies as possible in this mission-based shooter.

World War 2 Reborn

Game features


World War 2 Reborn is primarily a first-person shooter game. Obviously, you want to aim as precisely as possible. All you have to do is aim and fire at the opposition. Being the best sniper agent is the goal of this global war simulation game. To win the war, use your exceptional marksmanship to kill a lot of opponents before you fire. Pause and think about your next move. Every battlefield has a variety of scenarios. The enemy encircling his army and forces is largely responsible for it.

To rescue and snipe troops from a distance and assist in getting them out of danger, you must devise a cunning plan. It will be an amazing experience to play this shooter offline or online. The game’s fluid, flexible, and quick-paced gameplay on the large map is another unquestionable benefit. Due to the squad’s varied roles on the battlefield, players can be categorized into distinct play styles. You’ll assume the role of a commando and use your exceptional sniping skills to save lives and accomplish incredible feats. This shooter war simulator’s battle will get increasingly thrilling over time.

Realistic game experience

World War 2 Reborn’s fluid HD graphics do a fantastic job of faithfully recreating the Second World War’s atmosphere. Because of the numerous explosion effects, bullets, and recoil when firing correctly, the battlefield provides a realistic feel when playing.

World War 2 Reborn


In World War 2 Reborn, players can find many well-known Second World War weapons, such as the THOMPSON, MP40, and CPS. The NAMBU, NAGANT, COLT1911, and LUNGER are our options for handguns. The shape, power, and sound of the gun are all modeled after real firearms to give players the most lifelike experience possible. Compared to many other mobile shooting games, World War 2 Reborn has more intricate weapons and equipment. Don’t forget to pack some equipment for the battlefield, such as armor, grenades, and medic kits.


There’s an abundance of different game modes. Your objective in a team deathmatch is to take out as many opponents as you can on the battlefield. The squad with the most kills ultimately prevails. You and your allies fight to hold important positions in Capture of Flag. In the most insane game mode, Free for All, you will play against every other player by yourself. Battle Royale is a survival mode akin to Fortnite. The Gun Race mode becomes available at level 40.

World War 2 Reborn

Download World War 2 Reborn for Android

If you’re interested in the World War theme and want to practice your sniping skills, play World War 2 Reborn. The game’s intense and thrilling shooting will not let you down.

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