World Robot Boxing 2

World Robot Boxing 2 V1.9.116 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name World Robot Boxing 2
Publisher Reliance Games
Genre Fighting
Size 487 MB
Version V1.9.116
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated November 22, 2023
Download (487 MB)

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Application introduction

World Robot Boxing 2 is a video game published by Reliance Games. Do you like to relax by playing fighting games? World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK is a very fun fighting game where you take control of the trainers of two massive robots fighting fiercely against each other. If you love boxing, this is definitely one of the games you shouldn’t miss.

Introduce about World Robot Boxing 2

This game was meant to be the sequel to Real Steel World Robot Boxing, a game that has become very popular recently. The game is set in a future where people have created entertaining competitions by creating robots that fight in a closed arena and where technology is developing faster than ever.

World Robot Boxing 2

Game features


In the game, you begin as the weakest robot and must battle other robots to gain experience points and eventually rise to the top of the ranks. Mixing and matching attacks are essential to create a visually appealing highlight because the home screen will have multiple control elements. Furthermore, by fusing your combination skills with understanding, you can completely create a combo to quickly finish off your opponent. Avoid focusing solely on attacking and neglecting defense, as this will allow your opponent to capitalize on your weakness and win the game. You should always be on the lookout for defenses that can effortlessly keep the score balanced even in the face of the most unforeseen circumstances.

Plenty of Robots

In the first section of the game, you will encounter numerous robots, some of which are the well-known combat robots from the film Real Steel. Players need not fear boredom because there are a plethora of other well-known robots to select from. Players won’t have to worry about getting bored in World Robot Boxing 2 because the game has greatly improved the roster of robots included. Apart from the robots identified as Atom or Zeus, the game has also updated other robots like Ikaro, Shaoshi, and Wraith.

World Robot Boxing 2

Excellent plot

In the future, when everything is replaced by sophisticated robots, people will eventually grow bored with traditional sports and take an interest in robot boxing. While football and other sports are popular now, Robot Boxing will eventually become the preferred form of entertainment for people all over the world. With a dedicated stadium and exceptionally large prize money, the robotics competition will attract competitors from around the world. Other thrilling underground competitions exist in addition to this. Engaging in the game will expose you to a variety of powerful robot avatars.

Anywhere in the world, you can find robot opponents. If you take down the other contenders, you’ll become the most famous robot god in the country. Being a leader will be very difficult because there will be many opponents, each with their own unique style.

Graphics and sound

The game’s unique and creative graphics are designed to express the creator’s ideas through various forms of robots. The robot’s lines were meticulously drawn with match scratches and bumps, as you will be delighted to discover. The sound design of the game is also superb. Following the success of World Robot Boxing 1, the incredibly lifelike sounds of punching and colliding together make for a great impression.

World Robot Boxing 2

Download World Robot Boxing 2 for Android

Giant robots engaged in epic combat in World Robot Boxing 2 will provide you with an exciting experience. Download World Robot Boxing 2 to witness these incredible fights. The game’s unique and creative graphics, realistic sound effects, excellent storyline, and rich variety of robots will not disappoint you! Quickly call your friends to enter the game world to experience the wonderful battle scene!

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