World of Artillery: Cannon

World of Artillery: Cannon V1.7.6.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name World of Artillery: Cannon
Publisher Cheely Apps
Genre Action
Size 344 MB
Version V1.7.6.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated November 23, 2023
Download (344 MB)

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Application introduction

World of Artillery: Cannon is an action game about tanks published by Cheely Apps. People have always been able to use their combat skills to instigate disputes between factions in an effort to compete for advantages. They used to have a capable infantry corps, formidable cavalry made possible by the speed and momentum of horses, and exceptionally shrewd archers. But when compared to other weapons, artillery has a significant edge. To experience the sheer terror of this tank and the strength of the gunner, play World of Artillery: Cannon!

Introduce about World of Artillery: Cannon

In this game, you’ll play as an artillery soldier, and your goal is to control the tank and eliminate any enemies who try to attack your army’s base. World of Artillery: Cannon offers a rich and amazing experience.

World of Artillery

Game features


World of Artillery: Cannon is based on actual Second World War events and takes place on the battlefields of Poland, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. Because military weaponry is so advanced in modern warfare, it is challenging to maintain control of the battlefield with just a tank. You can choose to take control of a cannon, which is usually a tank or an armored vehicle. From a distance, the battlefield provides a broad view of your target. Your cannonballs have to hit the oncoming enemy right away. A shell that is not enough will require more to be fired. The objective for each player is to destroy as many enemy units as they can until none are left.

In war, every mistake has a heavy cost. You must research the game’s gameplay and mechanics as much as possible in order to estimate the probability of hitting the target successfully from any distance. You have to find out how conductive the bullet is and how long it will take it to reach its target. Playing and learning the game extensively is necessary if you want to reach a high level in it. Although it’s not difficult to get started, World of Artillery: Cannon is very difficult to master.

World of Artillery

Thrilling missions

As was already mentioned, the brutal Second World War is the backdrop for World of Artillery: Cannons. You will be able to fight on the territory of Poland, France, the USSR, and other countries. A multitude of mission types are available in the game. Special missions, the arms race, and hotspots are the three main points. The most important thing you have to do is, of course, destroy the opposing car. You are a major player in the World of Artillery, where cannons will open a lot of battlefields at every level. The main objective is to spearhead the assault and destroy as many enemies as possible.

But the aspect of this game that interests me the most is the arms race between the powers. In the arms race, your goal will be to possess the greatest weaponry. Leveling up makes you stronger and allows you to pass your opponents. Because the special missions are always changing, you’ll usually have to protect your allies or take out a certain number of enemies. Also, you must “defend to death” in a particular position in hotspots.

Cannon upgrade

You should keep in mind the following six general factors. Among these are damage, defense, additional ammunition, reload speed, critical chance, and critical damage. For every upgrade, you’ll need a certain quantity of money, which you can earn in battle. Furthermore, fresh grenades can be bought.


World of Artillery: Cannon provides a unique visual context for discussing war and military hardware. The scenario has superb design and organization. Once a battle is over, players will see a rather dark, bitter tint that will give them an experience of the Second World War’s fury.

World of Artillery

Download World of Artillery: Cannon for Android

The game has powerful and engaging gameplay that makes you feel like a seasoned artilleryman. By attacking your adversaries and supporting your allies, turn the battlefield into your stage. Get the World of Artillery: Cannon download now!

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