Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders V4.5.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Words of Wonders
Publisher Fugo Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 172 MB
Version V4.5.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated November 24, 2023
Download (172 MB)

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Application introduction

Words of Wonders is a puzzle game published by Fugo Games. Are you familiar with crossword puzzles? You will encounter something different when utilizing Words of Wonders to solve crossword puzzles. Having some available advice to refer to makes the game not too tough. On the other hand, some sections may prove challenging due to their abundance of terms, which may be hard to remember if they aren’t connected to the context of the tourist destination that served as the puzzle’s inspiration. With this fun game, you can spend some time honing your memory.

Introduce about Words of Wonders

Crossword puzzle solving is one of the oldest strategies for enhancing memory, learning new words, and killing time. These games can now be found on many mobile platforms. Within it, Words of Wonders is a completely new setting.  If you like to play crosswords, give this game a try once. In other crossword puzzles, the task is usually to use pictures or a few thematic hints to determine which letters are missing in a row or column. But in Words of Wonders, there’s always a hint circle. Let’s travel around the world while doing crossword puzzles!

Words of Wonders

Game features


For every row of words you must guess, you will have to touch the screen in order to connect the letters in a certain way. In the little circle below, these letters will appear. If any combination produces words that make sense and relate to the board’s goal, it will be recorded and automatically displayed on the puzzle board. The board, for example, consists of four cells, each containing the letters B, N, E, and D beneath a circle. The word BEND can be created by joining them. That’s correct, you have successfully finished a crossword puzzle row.

Similar to other crosswords, it appears simple and requires little mental effort. However, if you take into consideration words with five, six, or seven letters, it gets harder to match the correct term.

Context of the crossword puzzle

Every crossword puzzle in Words of Wonders is correlated with a popular tourist destination. Look there if you’re having trouble understanding the circle of letters. Does it bring to mind a famous term or phrase associated with that place? In that case, this will be the second piece of advice to help players complete their crossword.

Words of Wonders

Unlock a number of desirable tourist spots

Every cell contains the name of a place. After completing the crossword puzzle, you can score points. You will be rewarded with a variety of exquisite travel images and breathtaking views of this area once you have accumulated enough points. The next location will also become reachable. And so on, until you have accomplished the task of seeing each of the seven natural wonders and accumulated an important library of trip photos.

An unexpected trip

If you are stranded somewhere, lack the time to travel, or simply want to see different parts of the world, Words of Wonders is the ideal app to use on your phone to navigate around. You can control your urge to pack your bags and travel to fascinating tourist sites around the world by looking at cute pictures and reading charming texts.

Fun but challenging

There are a lot of crossword puzzles in Words of Wonders. Every level offers some additional language knowledge and gets a little harder. Traveling to various places will immediately improve your crossword puzzle. You’ll be able to test your memory using older words and improve your ability to learn new words by practicing memorization techniques that are more enjoyable than using a standard dictionary.

Words of Wonders

Download Words of Wonders for Android

Playing Words of Wonders can help you decompress, sharpen your mind, and immerse yourself in a range of exotic cultures. Playing the crossword puzzle in this novel fashion looks like a lot of fun.

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