Woodoku V3.20.01 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Name Woodoku
Publisher Tripledot Studios Limited
Genre Puzzle
Size 136 MB
Version V3.20.01
MOD Info Unlocked
Updated November 24, 2023
Download (136 MB)

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Application introduction

Woodoku is a puzzle game published by Tripledot Studios Limited. Do you like solving word puzzles? The graphics of the block puzzle game Woodoku are made of unique wood blocks. The rules of this game are remarkably similar to a classic Tetris game. Get Woodoku now and play it with your pals!

Introduce about Woodoku

To ensure your muscles reach their full potential and maintain your strength, speed, and agility, you must practice every day. The brain is like the muscles. The best way to train your brain is to play puzzle games with different kinds of puzzles. For players of all ages, puzzles and Sudoku crossword puzzles are two of the most popular game genres. Building blocks help to sharpen your problem-solving abilities and reasoning skills because you have to constantly figure out how to move and rotate the blocks to put them in the right place. By completing sudoku crossword puzzles, you can sharpen your memory and reasoning.

If a game combined these two categories, it would be beneficial for mental exercise on the whole brain. You should not miss Woodoku if you have a fondness for Tetris puzzle games and crossword puzzles on vintage Nintendo systems.


Game features


Played on 9-by-9 grids, Woodoku is a puzzle game similar to Sudoku but using wooden blocks. The game is played with a square grid that has many small squares inside of it. Light brown-walled cells have been occupied, whereas dark wood cells are “empty rooms” that are still empty.

At the bottom of the screen, a variety of shapes made up of many basic squares will appear as soon as the game starts. You have to drag and rotate these smaller shapes in different directions to place them into one of the “empty rooms” above. Match the empty spaces to fill them and get them out of the grid. If the screen covers all of the grid’s squares, you win and advance to the next level. If you let the squares fill the screen without aligning them to destroy each other, you will lose.


Improve the ability of observation and logical reasoning

In addition to being a calming game, Sudoku can improve your logical thinking and observational skills, which will raise your IQ. After every level, the game will calculate your IQ and tell you what level you are at based on how well you manage the blocks and empty spaces. Woodoku allows you to play for as long as you’d like because it has an infinite number of levels. The principal aim of this game is to explore more advanced mental domains and consistently hone your sharp mind. Your reasoning will become more perceptive and adaptable as you play more.

Play with themes

In addition to the standard levels in Woodoku with the standard brown and wooden block styles, you can also play Woodoku-themed levels. There are currently hundreds of new levels for the wooden puzzles added every week. Every stage has its own unique goal and style.

Collect gems and prizes

You receive a certain amount of gems and rewards for finishing each level, which will be very helpful in later ones. Thus, gather as many jewels and priceless awards as you can!

Beautiful graphics and quiet music

The game has quiet music and visuals, and the combination of the two can produce some interesting effects. Woodoku promises to provide you with many enjoyable hours that will improve your intelligence and help you de-stress.


Download Woodoku for Android

Woodoku is very small and can be downloaded and played offline at any time. The game has many levels and no time limit, so you can play all the time without getting bored. Download Woodoku and compete with your friends to see who’s better!

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