Wolf Tales

Wolf Tales V300320 MOD APK (One Hit, No Skill CD, Speed)

Name Wolf Tales
Publisher Foxie Ventures
Genre Simulation
Size 339 MB
Version V300320
MOD Info One Hit, No Skill CD, Speed
Updated November 27, 2023
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Application introduction

Wolf Tales is a simulation game published by Foxie Ventures. The realistic simulation of wild animals in Wolf Tales offers new inspiration for the simulation genre. You can do many things in the game, such as control hostile tribes, defend your territory, hunt in a pack, grow up, start a family, raise children, make friends in the forest, and even become a powerful legendary dragon. Everything is possible in Wolf Tales. Download Wolf Tales and begin creating your own animal-themed stories!

Introduce about Wolf Tales

You take on the role of a Wolf in the game in order to progress in a survival adventure. You can start your virtual survival journey in Wolf Story as a gray or black wolf. The game’s world expands as you play, giving you access to a variety of previously unattainable experiences, such as being able to access multiple legendary wolves with unusually powerful bodies and abilities. You can even change into the legendary dragon that soars through the skies and shoots flames. Now let’s see what we can do in the world of Wolf Story.

Wolf Tales

Game features


You will instantly assume control of a wolf in a lush forest and set out on a desolate survival mission as soon as the game launches. As you grow into an adult wolf, you will join the pack and hunt with the powerful group while admiring the beauty of the mountains and overcoming all the challenges nature has to offer, including the rain, cold, heat, and more. Conflict will unavoidably occur. Your team will engage in active PVP combat against other horde invasions or go on regular mini-hunts. The goal of the game is to not only live a comfortable and survival-focused life, but also to use various strategies to completely control and defend your territory.

Make friends with other powerful animals

As you progress toward maturity and combat, you will have the chance to make friends with a range of formidable forest animals, such as foxes, weasels, and bears. These friends may be able to help you along the way of survival if it suits both parties. As soon as you reach adulthood, you will have a female wolf companion with whom you will establish your own life, live independently of the pack, and raise quick-witted and clever cubs. You will acquire many necessary life skills that will allow the wolf cub to live independently, just like you did, in addition to learning how to feed, tend to, and defend your small family.

Wolf Tales

Distinct evolution

In Wolf Tales, players will also witness numerous unique evolutions. When you reach a certain level of play, achieve multiple noteworthy combat achievements, and successfully defend your clan, family, and territory, you will have access to new evolutionary upgrades. You will become the legendary unconquerable ghost wolf with indestructible hide. You’ll learn about the unusual abilities of these expensive skins in this game and witness how the game turns myth into reality.

From wolf to mythical dragon

After you’ve reached the top level, the skin upgrades don’t seem to offer enough fulfillment. This causes the game to entirely change from its original progression system into a new one where you become a real dragon instead of a wolf—a magnificent, enormous creature straight out of legend. You can choose to become a real dragon at the end of the game, complete with fire breath, aerial flight, and the ability to experience the battlefield. Another dragon may challenge you, or you may challenge other dragons. Even though it seems like the game is coming to an end, it just chooses to start a new story in a different direction.

Wolf Tales

Download Wolf Tales for Android

Wolf Tales is a wildlife simulation with many elements of dramatic competition, smooth and harmonious pacing, and rhythm-based gameplay. Enjoying simulation games? Give Wolf Tales a try.

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