Witch and Council

Witch and Council V1.0.19 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Name Witch and Council
Genre Role-playing
Size 118 MB
Version V1.0.19
MOD Info Unlimited Gems
Updated November 27, 2023
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Application introduction

Witch and Council is a role-playing game published by StoryTaco. Inc. While the graphics are a little overdone, the game has a vivid opening and an engaging story that rivals that of a comic book. As a young witch in the jungle who has lost all of her magic, you will engage in combat with a variety of peculiar foes.

Introduce about Witch and Council

As a witch, you will engage in death-defying combat with thousands of monsters. Retrieving your mother’s bracelet is your only objective!

Witch and Council

Game features


Witch and Council starts with a group of bothersome students attacking a young witch named Lulu in the forest. The student body president of the school was the leader of this bullying group. The gang was backed by a group of fallen witches, so even though the violence was well-known for a while, no one dared to confront them or speak out. Additionally, they constantly harass their victims by wielding the power of innumerable monsters.

After the attack, Lulu lost the only souvenir bracelet her mother had given her. It is an artifact that grants Lulu magical abilities from numerous families in addition to having sacred sentimental value. Lulu also lost a great deal of her magical power without the bracelet. The little girl felt guilty about being robbed of her mother’s only memento.

Great storyline

The girl starts to carry out her plan of revenge in an attempt to retrieve the priceless memento. She made a lot of friends along the road, and many of them actively assisted her. However, she must also contend with some vicious monsters and members of the previously mentioned devious school bullying organization. The whole world is attempting to figure out how to stop Lulu. The bracelet was taken for a different motive. Will Lulu be able to retrieve her mother’s memento?

Witch and Council


Witch and Council connect with players by creating likable and empathetic characters. The player is given confidence in the quality of the game by the details of the graphics, even though they appear improvised. Keeping these two things in mind, Witch and Council’s role-playing game gets off to a good start. This is where the idle role-playing aspect gets to shine. Witches and Council is a game that anyone can play without requiring much effort to control the on-screen combat action.

All you have to do is focus on your progress, watch your opponents, and unlock new skills for your character. If Lulu makes the correct decisions, she can not only win with ease but also obtain numerous beneficial trophies and reduce the amount of time needed to locate the bracelet.

Charting your own development path

With battle experience and accomplishments amassed over time, Lulu soon developed a formidable fighting ability from a young child who had lost the majority of her magic. You’ll gain strength as you advance through the levels. To earn experience points, take out a lot of enemies. You can use experience points to get access to new spells and abilities. When you combine these two elements, you can assist Lulu in dealing with formidable foes quickly. The advancement and promotion of your character is entirely up to you. Lulu’s path is up to you.

All combat actions are automatic when the game is automatically approaching the enemy. Every skill is unique, with a particular color and attack index assigned to it. As you help your character level up, you’ll be happy to watch every time Lulu releases a new movie on screen.

Witch and Council

Download Witch and Council for Android

Witch and Council is a mobile role-playing game that combines idle fighting with magical elements. It has an intriguing plot, deep character development, and appealing graphics.

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