Wings of Heroes

Wings of Heroes V1.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo, No Reload)

Name Wings of Heroes
Publisher RORTOS
Genre Action
Size 160 MB
Version V1.1.2
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo, No Reload
Updated November 28, 2023
Download (160 MB)

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Application introduction

In Wings of Heroes, players can experience a different kind of war. Publisher RORTOS has released Wings of Heroes, an epic air combat game with a World War II theme. You’ll be astonished by the spectacular air raid teams in the game’s battle of the skies.

Introduce about Wings of Heroes

Wings of Heroes is a game you should play if you enjoy aerial combat and want to show off your aerial skills in the incredibly intense and dramatic World War II battles. You will embark on some risky and challenging missions with your valiant comrades as a World War II air combat pilot, protect your place in the skies, and make history. Join me for a thrilling online 5v5 aerial combat!

Wings of Heroes

Game features


In addition to learning how to pilot fighter jets, Wings of Heroes also teaches you how to bomb targets and create air defense plans ranging from simple to complex. You will develop into a hero pilot who can operate any type of aircraft with any type of engine. When compared to earlier aerial combat games, Wings of Heroes has unquestionably better gameplay.

The gameplay is rich, and every aspect of Wings of Heroes is tightly connected. The battlefield layout made sense, the military tasks were connected at a suitable pace, and the battle’s situational arrangement was excellent. All you have to do is grab hold of the steering wheel, team up with four other players, and embark on epic battles across various skies against adversaries (other player squads).

Develop the spirit of freedom

Wings of Heroes invites players to fully express themselves and have fun in the spirit of freedom. It is a unique feature that very few air combat games can accomplish in the form of 5v5 in the game. It is your freedom to fly how you want, to select your combat strategies, to take up positions however you see fit, and to communicate the team’s overarching plan however you see fit. Teamwork is key, but each person can assert their individuality and use their skills, traits, and strategies to fight in their own space.

Wings of Heroes

Increase combat power by upgrading

The aircraft you’ve seen in other flight simulation games isn’t the same as the fighter fleet in this World War II game. Their fighting skills are excellent. The capabilities of each player have a major impact on the plane’s power and sky-diving capabilities. Throughout the game, you will receive numerous rewards. Use these rewards to increase the fighting power of your team and yourself.


Teamwork is at the core of Wings of Heroes. You have to seamlessly coordinate tactics and strategy with your allies in addition to being free to fly and bomb. Working in unison with his teammates is imperative for a true hero. You can become the team’s preferred pilot by talking strategy before the game, carrying out your assigned tasks, encouraging teammates, and being aware of the circumstances. You will have access to an infinite number of strategic combinations when working with your teammates. The team as a whole employs different tactics depending on the mission, and you play a crucial role in that.

Attractive game modes

Apart from the fantastic 5v5 mode, the game features 4 other captivating game modes. Domination is to win the battle by subduing all of the opposition’s strong points. In Ace Mode Domination, while auto-targeting is completely disabled, the rewards are pretty good. In dogfight mode, your goal is to take down as many planes as you can by fighting enemies nonstop. The first person to bring down every plane wins. Lastly, there is the Annihilation mode, in which defeating every stronghold held by the opposition is the only way to win. Come on over and give it a try and each game mode is full of challenges.

Wings of Heroes

Download Wings of Heroes for Android

Wings of Heroes has an incredibly rich content library that includes game modes, missions, an extensive aircraft upgrade system, and limitless play and strategy options. You can enjoy an amazing gaming experience and fully immerse yourself in the art of aerial combat when you play Wings of Heroes.

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