WindWings: Space Shooter

WindWings: Space Shooter V1.3.96 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name WindWings: Space Shooter
Publisher GCenter
Genre Action
Size 99 MB
Version V1.3.96
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated November 28, 2023
Download (99 MB)

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Application introduction

WindWings: Space Shooter is an action game published by GCenter. WindWings: Space Shooter could be a delightful little present for fans of Gundam and robot models. You’ll see a lot of cute robot models in this game, which in addition to having a fun, comical graphics style, also contains a lot of difficult action elements.

Introduce about WindWings: Space Shooter

An appearance by the protagonist, a human warrior, opens WindWings: Space Shooter’s story. He was unintentionally carried, for unknown reasons, to a distant future world. Humanity has completely transformed in this future world. Both standard machinery and manual labor are eliminated. As an alternative, humans have developed a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, assembled vast armies of sentient robots to serve them, and visited far-off planets in quest of new dwelling places and sources of energy. Fans of the Gundam robot fighting series shouldn’t pass on this one!


Game features


Unintentionally, our hero gets pulled into this adventure. In search of the Promised Land of humanity, he enlists in the army, sets his sights on the most cutting-edge warships of the future, and takes to the skies to visit otherworldly planets. No matter how far humanity progresses, this adventure is essentially good. We’ll discover a lot of things we couldn’t fully understand before, like strange creatures in the dark universe, hostile species, and vast galaxies. These are the species you come across on your travels, and their numbers keep growing.

They had not only targeted the mission-carrying ship but also planned an invasion of Earth. You are an ingenious soldier in this situation and please apply your skills and intuition to devise countermeasures.



Eliminate as many of the alien invaders as you can. You will lead many other ships to successful defense and attack by utilizing your skill at ship handling, the quick intuition of your soldiers, and your caution with every maneuver. The shooter gameplay in WindWings: Space Shooter places you in control of each ship, which is built to resemble an incredible Gundam warrior. You’ll be given two different kinds of ships by the game in the beginning. You can select the Gundam ship you want to use in battle right away because each type has unique characteristics.

Your defense and attack effects will vary depending on the opponent and the circumstances. You’ll be able to identify the strengths that best suit your playstyle after a few tests. You can use this to battle longer against more formidable opponents and to unlock a wider variety of Gundam ships.

Unlock more features

In WindWings: Space Shooter, you don’t get a chance to rest. The game’s stages aren’t very long, but they’re all played in order, getting faster, more violent, and more chaotic. Additionally, the enemy is always evolving, which forces you to upgrade whether you want to or not. You’ll be able to upgrade the ship you’re piloting and yourself with some exciting new features if you put in consistent work.

Elaborate shapes and weapons

WindWings: Space Shooter has thoughtfully created a variety of alien enemies to encourage players to employ more combat strategies. The look, mode of attack, mobility, and speed of each alien foe vary. To best repel each attack, you must select your own weapons in addition to the ship and the combat style. One by one, laser guns of all sizes, magnetic guns, double-barreled guns, multi-barreled guns, and ultramodern future guns. The ship’s attack range and capacity will vary with each modification made to the gun.


Download WindWings: Space Shooter for Android

A futuristic fighting game with elements of Gundam and science fiction is called WindWings: Space Shooter. A multitude of thrilling Gundam ships can be encountered in the game as the protagonist travels. Enter the game and develop strategies to defeat each enemy!

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