Will it Crush?

Will it Crush? V1.7.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Name Will it Crush?
Publisher Brightika, Inc.
Genre Casual
Size 34 MB
Version V1.7.6
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
Updated November 29, 2023
Download (34 MB)

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Application introduction

Will it Crush? is a casual mobile minigame published by Brightika, Inc. The gameplay is very de-stressing, so that players will be fascinated and immersed.

Introduce about Will it Crush?

There will always be boring moments in life, and you don’t know what to do, such as in a boring class, in a long work meeting, or while waiting for someone else. You’ll need a mobile game to kill time at that point. Most of the time, you are not required to think while playing these games, nor are you required to have any prior knowledge of the plot. They’ll just make you feel happy, give you a little extra energy, or soothe your fatigue after a long day. Consider playing Will it Crush? if you’re searching for a light-hearted game that can help you decompress and feel better mentally. Although it’s a light-hearted and stress-relieving mini-game, it’s intensely entertaining!

Will it Crush

Game features


You won’t find the game appealing at first because the name is so simple. To truly understand why so many people are obsessed with it, though, you must play it. The game can be played with just one hand and is extremely simple to operate. In this game, you smash the vibrant, amorphous squares that keep shooting off the screen in the direction of the two gears by swiping your finger across them. It is imperative that the two gears compress these items into tiny fragments that drop into the storage bin beneath. Your score will increase as you crush more.

Challenging levels

You’ll come across a ton of difficult levels in Will it Crush?. The game began to reveal some complex, angular large stones. These blocks either take a long time to break up into smaller pieces or slip off your wheels and splash on them. You waste more time because of them. You lose if you don’t obtain a specific number of pieces within a given time frame. The game must then be started over from the beginning of the level. To speed up the process, you can activate the accelerator pack. The more you use it, though, the more money you’ll need for the next activation, so you should use it sparingly. Excessive use can lead to bankruptcy quickly.

Will it Crush

Simple but fulfilling for the player

Simple casual games like Will it Crush? are hard to come by. This game is only meant to entertain players and relieve stress, and it does not require complex operations or challenging mission systems. To control characters, dodge obstacles, look around, and see objects in other mobile entertainment games, you must continuously move your hands across the screen. However, with only one finger and two sand wheels that crush as much of the debris that falls from the top as you can, you can win in Will it Crush?.

Will it Crush? places more emphasis on the primary experience of the player. It fills you with satisfaction and happiness to watch squares being crushed into tiny pieces. While the game’s sound effects aren’t particularly noteworthy, the upbeat music will put you at ease and maintain a positive attitude throughout.

Crusher upgrade

Over time, the level’s difficulty will progressively rise and the blocks will keep falling, sometimes rendering you immobile. It might be difficult for you to keep up if you continue at the same speed. Therefore, to break more stuff, you need to upgrade your crusher. It is possible to enhance the crusher’s booster, speed, power, gravity, and tooth count, among other attributes. The buttons that are shown at the bottom of the screen correspond with these indicators. When you have enough money to upgrade any property, the button will light up and the rest is up to you.

Will it Crush

Download Will it Crush? APK & MOD for Android

The gameplay is fluid and the game is not too complicated. You can reduce stress outside of work with this carefree, minimalist style of play. Download Will it Crush? and enjoy the game!

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