Will Hero

Will Hero V3.3.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Crowns)

Name Will Hero
Publisher ZPLAY Games
Genre Adventure
Size 104 MB
Version V3.3.3
MOD Info Unlimited Crowns
Updated November 29, 2023
Download (104 MB)

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Application introduction

Will Hero is an adventure game published by ZPLAY Games. The puzzle game Will Hero takes players to far-off places where they come across different kinds of soft blocks. For individuals who enjoy exploring and going on treasure hunts in the world of blocks, this delightful little game is ideal. It features bright, straightforward pixel art graphics.

Introduce about Will Hero

Players can enter dangerous and remote areas through the Adventure Portal, a magical portal opened for them by the Will Heroes. This is a dangerous, exciting, and ever-changing platform adventure that feels like an arcade game. The princess of the blocky world was taken captive by the vicious Orks. Priceless treasures can only be obtained by a highly skilled warrior. As the greatest hero in the kingdom, you can’t stand by, so set out to rescue the princess now. You must use all of your weapon skills in order to defeat the Orks and finish the quest.

Will Hero

Game features


The block hero character moves differently in Will Hero, an action platform arcade game. Axes, stones, and bombs are among the basic melee weapons that you will eventually obtain. You must control your character’s movement in this game and combine your weapons with your already-developed skills in order to advance, avoid obstacles, and defeat enemies. The protagonist’s actions may seem a little erratic when you first start playing because of the unfamiliar operation. However, if you get the hang of it, you’ll discover that pressing forward in this manner actually buys you more time to collect your thoughts and formulate a countermove.

Either way, in order to get past obstacles, these movement styles need to be paired with the capacity to kick and swing a sword. Aside from using axes and daggers to cut through barriers, players can also occasionally use bombs to destroy rivals. The character’s weaponry will mostly stay the same throughout the adventure, but you can upgrade them to increase their damage.

Will Hero

Graphic battle scenes

Those crafty Orks move around, biding their time until they see you. Dispersed throughout the region, they set up traps to make things more difficult for you. Sometimes they wait for you to approach and fire from their high fort, where they stand guard. But the power of our hero is immense. Using the available building blocks, you can create towering structures, soar above the Orks, and use your hands to smash them with weapons. The more enemies you defeat and the range of unpredictable dangers you encounter, the more likely it is that you will find new spells for your heroes.

Unlock character skins

For your character, you can collect dozens of helmets in addition to spells, weapons, and abilities. Wonderfully cute and fashionable headwear with patterns inspired by dogs, cats, unicorns, pandas, pigs, chickens, knights, princes, crusaders, and Vikings are offered. If desired, you have the ability to transform your hero into a stylish or humorous individual. The number of these hats you can choose from will increase as you progress through the game and complete various objectives.

Explore the dungeon

Finding and saving the princess is one of the player’s primary objectives. In addition to exploring dungeon adventures, our hero needs to explore multiple worlds and retrieve valuable treasure chests in order to return to his native land. Occasionally, when you battle the Orks, you will find these items. Accumulating a large number of treasures also lets you accelerate the hero’s spell and weapon unlocking. The ability to learn more about this world goes hand in hand with wealth and strength.

Will Hero

Download Will Hero for Android

The immensely entertaining tactical platformer action game Will Hero is more than just a lighthearted diversion. In this exciting block game, you’ll progress further as you get used to the “horizontal” movement of your characters, overcoming all obstacles and traps, and learning how to fend off enemies.

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