WILL: A Wonderful World

WILL: A Wonderful World V1.6.3.2021062514.23 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Name WILL: A Wonderful World
Publisher WMY Studio
Genre Adventure
Size 514 MB
Version V1.6.3.2021062514.23
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Updated November 29, 2023
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Application introduction

WILL: A Wonderful World APK is an adventure game published by WMY Studio, which is like a strange novel hidden under the “facade” of a puzzle story game. When you play a game for the first time, you might think it’s shallow, but after a while, you’ll develop a whole new perspective on it. Everyone will find themselves moved by this story.

Introduce about WILL: A Wonderful World

You must have looked up to the sky numerous times during difficult times in your life and pleaded with the invisible God to assist you. God’s existence is unknown. After thousands of years, our prayers have become ingrained human reflexes. Unfortunately, human greed will make the world less beautiful! Despite the brief game duration, each moment holds great significance and occasionally even alters the player’s perspective on life. Play the game if you want to give a game similar to this one a try out of curiosity.


Game features


You play as Myth, a young child in the game, who awakens in a strange and intimate place. A talking dog named Will appears to you when you’re lost and confused in an unfamiliar environment, telling you that you two are gods. And your mission is to alter the destiny of the suffering mortals who turn to you in prayer. You will read these letters and listen to the prayers from Yangjiang every day after that. Next, take the magic pen in your hand, rearrange the historical information, and alter the letter’s characters’ destiny. Arranging the puzzle and altering the outcome is the player’s first task.


In the game, there are a lot of decisions and things for players to consider. You must read a great deal of material if you hope to discover a means of transforming the lives of many people. It’s also a pain to deal with the supporting cast and the peculiar, surprising connections they have. The puzzle-solving phase is very exciting in addition to reading. After reading the letter, you will arrange the events and sentences to come up with a different ending.


All kinds of stories with a sense of substitution

You will face many unexpected challenges along the way, and becoming a god is harder than you may imagine. There are a lot of seemingly unfortunate lives that are waiting for your help, including the poor painter who is about to commit suicide, the depressed bookworm who is hopelessly in love, the policeman who always believes in justice and is optimistic about the first round of crime, the little girl who is fighting for her dream, and so on. All these people want happiness and a bright future, even though they are extremely confused. You will assist them by rearranging certain aspects of their lives, while they pray to the gods.

Every one of the aforementioned tales is real and depicts the ups and downs of life. If one person’s destiny is altered, many others’ fates are also indirectly altered. Change always comes at a price, and no matter how you change, the results won’t necessarily be better than they are now. For better or worse, in these people, a small alteration can take the protagonist down a different path. As you carry out God’s will, you will progressively come to recall your past self and life.

The ups and downs of the story

Will was worn out from reading through so many stories and reliving so many moments to make things right. Before leaving, the dog also deleted the myth’s memory. When all of this is finished, the dog will turn off the electricity, run out of fuel, and this future will cease to exist. One day, Myth finds that the dog has vanished mysteriously and hasn’t been at work for a few days. While trying to find Will’s location, Myth comes across some old news articles. From this point on, the story and Will’s previous and current lives become clear. There are more storylines to unlock and experience on your own.


Download WILL: A Wonderful World for Android

The game not only tells a very moving and tragic story in a brief amount of time, but it also features gorgeous graphics, glossy forms, a captivating plot, extremely precise logic, and even the voices of the characters. Most significantly, the player can learn a valuable lesson from the game: living in the present and accepting the future is preferable to trying to alter fate or the past.

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