Wildscapes V2.3.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Wildscapes
Publisher Playrix
Genre Puzzle
Size 169 MB
Version V2.3.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated November 29, 2023
Download (169 MB)

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Application introduction

Wildscapes is a match-three puzzle platformer published by developer Playrix. The highly anticipated sequel to the well-known brand has already received close to half a million positive reviews and over 10 million downloads despite its recent release. This is an absolutely must-play game if you enjoy playing puzzle games.

Introduce about Wildscapes

As one of the leading mobile game developers, Playrix is renowned for creating unique, high-quality products. With hundreds of millions of devoted users, Gardenscapes and Homescapes are two of the most well-known products. When Wildscapes, an unofficial continuation of the first two games, appeared in response to critics who thought they were getting too easy, the gaming community praised it heartily.


Game features


A magnificent fantasy zoo that has long been a favorite destination for both locals and tourists centers the story. Nevertheless, joy is short-lived, and the zoo is beginning to experience significant issues. As the tourists leave and the trees eventually wither, everything will turn desolate and the animals will eventually go hungry. You’ll take on the role of Jack, the zoo manager. To rebuild and restore this magnificent old zoo, you’ll need to work together and solve a variety of difficult puzzles with the aid of an incredibly cute giant panda.

Panda’s help

The good-natured panda guy, who constantly tries to assist the players, is one of the most significant characters in the game. When a player ponders too long, the panda can offer helpful hints in addition to continuously reminding them when a puzzle is finished. Even this guy regularly gives you extra items to help you through the game more easily. While these props from the panda only provide limited help, players can still use them to solve most of the game’s puzzles.


Match 3 puzzles

Since your job is to gradually restore the zoo landscape just like in Homescapes and Gardenscapes, your puzzle-solving skills will come into play in a variety of missions. There are several different scenarios in the game, like when guests need a snack stand or when kids need a quiet place to play. Next, you’ll use your skills to solve match-three puzzles to meet the needs of your client.

Based on a largely unchanged basic idea, players will match three objects of the same color in a row. By assembling four, five, or even six objects on top of one another to create more spectacular explosive combos, you can solve puzzles more quickly. Gold or diamonds are awarded to players who finish a level successfully. These resources can be used to upgrade and decorate the area outside the zoo.

Unlock fun animals

Players can use coins to unlock and purchase animals that fall into the common to rare category. In the game, players can explore the full spectrum of animals, from small ones like rabbits, foxes, or deer to enormous ones like hippopotami, lions, jaguars, elephants, and rhinoceroses. The more animals you own, the more bonuses you get from visitors to the town.

Customize your own zoo

With the money they gain, players can also buy ornaments and animal homes. With the hundreds of gorgeous and unusual items the developer has included, players can freely customize their zoo. The benefits of custom zoos are not just for aesthetics, the items also monitor visitor satisfaction and motivate them to spend more money at the zoo.

Images and sounds

By utilizing cartoon-style 3D backgrounds, the game enhances the vibrancy and color of the Wildscapes. Within the game, there’s a good selection of entertaining and memorable songs. The captivating soundtrack and breathtaking graphics enthrall players.


Download Wildscapes for Android

Without a doubt, Wildscapes is a fantastic game. It combines zoo building and triple-elimination gameplay, and Wildscapes can keep your full attention for hundreds of hours, so download it now!

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