Wild Space

Wild Space V0.99.10 MOD APK (Unlimited Power)

Name Wild Space
Publisher Hoorah Games
Genre Simulation
Size 179 MB
Version V0.99.10
MOD Info Unlimited Power
Updated November 30, 2023
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Application introduction

With all of the resources available to you, you can use Wild Space to showcase your building skills by erecting an energy production and research outpost on an alien planet. If you like these kinds of simulation games, you should try playing Wild Space. Establishing an outpost in space is your task in the construction strategy game Wild Space! If you’re not into strategy games, resource gathering, sci-fi, and fantasy space games, or any of those genres, you might find this game difficult to play.

Introduce about Wild Space

The resources on Earth are depleting in the far future. Energy and resource depletion have left humanity vulnerable to extinction at any moment. At the moment, the most important task is to find a plentiful alternative energy source to replenish Earth’s surface and meet basic human needs. A special campaign has begun. Previous studies have shown that a number of feasible and reasonably safe planets can be sent on remote missions with astronauts, technicians, and engineers. It is the responsibility of this team of experts to investigate new mineral resources and decide how best to use them. eventually began constructing a new research outpost for energy in an effort to replenish Earth’s dwindling reserves.

Wild Space

Game features

Explore new planets

The goal of the game Wild Space is to travel to other planets in quest of extraterrestrial life. If there is still no sign of life or living thing on this planet, you will typically be the first person to set foot on it. It will be your first task to look for signs of life on an alien planet. If there is any life on this planet, search for it and learn who it belongs to. If you find a planet that is completely devoid of life, you are free to develop, use, and construct anything on this land. Resources on an alien planet are always plentiful, both useful and harmful.

To find signs of an abundance of resources, the probe will later be used to delve deeply into some regions of the planet’s surface. Once you have the report’s conclusions about the surface structure and the names of the minerals and resources discovered here, the next step is resource extraction.

Wild Space

Building a power station

You can construct outposts once you have an abundance of resources. The map of the planet’s surface is organized into a hexagon. With the materials already on hand, build the plant, set up the equipment, pour the reinforced concrete, and rework the area to make room for the next structure. The ultimate goal is to set up a sizable Outpost whose main purpose is to exploit the resources of an alien planet. This Outpost is going to be a Research Center for the planet’s collective energy generation.

Naturally, you also have to utilize the Explorer’s secondary props to their fullest during gameplay. These support props will not only allow you to explore the planet faster but also speed up the process of improving the infrastructure.

Develop the right strategy

Once you have identified the location of mineral resources on the Earth, it is necessary to develop the right construction strategy. Aside from being aware of any topographical barriers, it is crucial to think about how far the future outpost will be from the major mining regions. The hexagonal cells inside the same system also need a certain amount of continuity to maximize the effects of the entire energy system. Of course, you also have to take into account the fact that natural disasters and cosmic storms can strike at any time and ruin your entire unfinished project. As a result, building storm-proof boundaries is essential.

Wild Space

Download Wild Space for Android

The strategy game with a space theme Wild Space requires a great deal of endurance. In the future, you’ll have a lot of work to do, like researching possible new sources of energy for the planet, constructing outposts gradually, and figuring out how to use these energy sources.

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