Wild Hunter 3D

Wild Hunter 3D V1.0.14 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Name Wild Hunter 3D
Publisher Italic Games
Genre Shooter
Size 36 MB
Version V1.0.14
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
Updated November 30, 2023
Download (36 MB)

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Application introduction

Wild Hunter 3D is a shooting game published by Italic Games. Are you a shooter game enthusiast? In Wild Hunter 3D, you can pick up a gun and hunt. There is a wide variety of wild animals in the game that will make you want to hunt everywhere you go.

Introduce about Wild Hunter 3D

To put it succinctly, Wild Hunter 3D offers an expansive, wild world brimming with species. As a legendary hunter, your ultimate goal is to hunt every species that is the rarest, largest, or most exotic in the world. From easy to large dinosaurs, there are many different creatures to choose from when beginning the hunt. In the vast open world, hunting is permitted! Hone your shooting skills and strive to become the world’s greatest animal hunter!

Wild Hunter 3D

Game features


Your only job in Wild Hunter 3D is to aim and press the trigger. Use your great shooting abilities to defeat a lot of big and extremely dangerous wild animals in the animal kingdom. There are numerous powerful weapons in the game. Your ability to hunt will gradually unlock as you progress. The larger an animal is and the more dangerous it is, the higher its score. There are zebras, leopards, bears, elephants, lions, and other animals in this game. Later on, as you advance through the game’s various stages, you will even be able to hunt dinosaurs that have escaped from the imaginary dinosaur park.

In addition to strolling or hunting through the forest, you can also utilize fast cars in the game. These tips not only help you hunt stronger, rarer animals more easily, but they also help you reduce the distance at which your gun fires. However, there are a lot of challenges for players when there are more transportation options. As the vehicle speed increases and its ability to approach animals increases, it becomes more difficult to maintain a stable barrel while aiming and firing.

Wild Hunter 3D

Support and challenges for players

One or two shots will suffice to swiftly dispatch medium-sized animals. With larger species, however, multiple shots at key points on the body will be required. The more effectively you address a particular weakness, the faster you’ll be able to address it. A quicker kill time will result in a higher score. There are creatures that are extraordinarily mobile in addition to being enormous. You must operate the vehicle that the game supports, and if you don’t take caution, you might miss your target.

All kinds of weapons

In Wild Hunter 3D, a wide variety of weapons, mostly guns from basic to advanced, are upgradeable. Because all of these gun designs are derived from actual objects, the gameplay feels realistic and lively. In more than 200 thrilling hunting missions, you can see many rare animals with incredible speed and unimaginable ferocity. Will you have the courage to become a famous hunter in this lifelike 3D world?

A changing scene

Not to mention the ever-changing game environments. From the lush, ancient forest to the desolate, remote area to the frozen, snow-covered ground. Every location has a different species and set of ecological characteristics. As you play, you will have the opportunity to see the world from the perspective of an experienced hunter. Now it’s time to get the upper hand and control territory in the hunting bounty.

Wild Hunter 3D

Download Wild Hunter 3D for Android

Wild Hunter 3D is an entertaining shooting game for mobile devices with a wildlife hunting theme. The game’s vivid 3D visuals and realistic soundtrack attracted many players. You should not miss Wild Hunter 3D if you enjoy shooting games. Go hunting with your friends as soon as possible after downloading the game by clicking the link below!

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