Where’s Samantha?

Where’s Samantha? V1.10.21 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Name Where’s Samantha?
Publisher ROKiT
Genre Adventure
Size 218 MB
Version V1.10.21
MOD Info Unlocked
Updated December 01, 2023
Download (218 MB)

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Application introduction

Where’s Samantha? is a novel adventure game about obstacle racing released by ROKiT. Being set in the handwoven textile industry is what makes the game unique. This soothing game features a ton of original graphics. Join us to assist George in locating his long-lost love, Samantha, and overcoming numerous challenges!

Introduce about Where’s Samantha?

In the endearing tale Where’s Samantha?, two rolls of wool attempt to find each other again. With only 45 puzzle levels and a slow pace, Where’s Samantha is a simple game that will keep you occupied for a few peaceful and comfortable minutes. This game is set against the backdrop of the world of cotton canvas and all the quaint handmade goods. Think of yourself as a ball of wool, George. George’s spouse Samantha is missing. In order to reunite his family, George is currently looking for his wife.


Game features

Multiple obstacles

There are many obstacles in the puzzle game Where’s Samantha?. The player’s task is to help George locate Samantha. To do this, you must successfully navigate 45 pre-designed levels with difficult terrain and lots of obstacles. George used all his skills to overcome these difficulties and never thought of giving up. Specifically, this wool roll is capable of breaking apart. You can divide yourself into multiple small spools, each of which acts independently. When you travel through a scene where you have to solve puzzles, you need to overcome obstacles together. During this process, you can choose whether to split or combine your parts to restore their original appearance.


The gameplay of Where’s Samantha is incredibly simple. A button, a touch, and navigation are the only controls. It’s not always easy to choose the correct path and to split the body apart in order to move through the terrain. You are free to choose which partner to control, and when you manipulate one of your partners, the others will fall asleep. Your touch can wake them up so you can move on. Although it takes a lot of time and repetitive work, I think the cloning mechanism of Where’s Samantha? is quite good.

If George had been born with a gift that was more powerful and useful than cloning, perhaps Samantha wouldn’t be missing now. This game has evolved into a much more accessible and playable game.


Unusual game mechanics

The wool reel spins a little more slowly than the game itself, which slows down gameplay. The game’s questions are quite clever, and its gameplay mechanics are a little out of the ordinary. Along with being able to move, your character also encounters numerous movable roadblocks. Another aspect of George’s search for his spouse is the collection of cotton letters. This adds nothing to the character’s ability to overcome obstacles and is essentially just bonus points. This strikes me as a regrettable point. If all the words added up to some tantalizing clue that would enable him to save his wife, that would be much more dramatic.

Unique Clone Ability

I have never played a mobile game where the characters could clone themselves. Because of this, even with the jerky pacing and monotonous feeling, the clone experience is generally positive. These little wool friends can be split up into clone versions and will help the character in a lot of different ways. For example, George has to go through a door, but the switch to open it is way back. As a result, you have to divide them in half so that one half is holding the switch, the other half is passing through the door, and the other half is holding a second switch to enable the other half to pass outside.


Download Where’s Samantha? for Android

Your attention doesn’t need to be drawn too much to survival when playing Where’s Samantha. Where’s Samantha? is a simple game, in addition to the unique graphics, the gameplay is short, slow pace, and definitely worth you to play.

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