Where is He: Hide and Seek

Where is He: Hide and Seek V1.0.18 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Name Where is He: Hide and Seek
Publisher UltraPub
Genre Action
Size 154 MB
Version V1.0.18
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
Updated December 04, 2023
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Application introduction

Where is He: Hide and Seek is an action game released by UltraPub, which is about a virtuous father with a naughty child. When your wife hands over the child care to you, make sure the child is safe, no matter how naughty he may be. Although it may seem easy to take care of a child, the truth is not as you think, this child is actually quite aggressive.

Introduce about the game

Caring for a naughty child can be quite challenging, especially if that child has superhuman strength, an unusually sharp mind, and the ability to pull off the most ridiculous pranks to irritate and elude you. In Where is he: Hide and Seek, you play a father who is a little slow to get things done for the family but never gives up. One day, the man’s wife left the house and asked him to spend the day with his children. Since the child in this game is still in diapers, he is roughly the size of a newborn. Download the game now to experience the naughty level of your child!

Where is He

Similar experience

There are certain things you can never really “understand” unless you have personally experienced them. I used to believe that caring for children just involved playing with them, but that isn’t the case. I spent almost the entire day taking care of the kids one day while my sister was away from home on a business trip and my brother-in-law was gone. I spent a week lying in bed feeling chilly all over after that day.

A child won’t do anything excessive when he is as gentle as a piece of blank paper. But my nephew is like Tom and Jerry, even at four years old, he can cause a lot of trouble. He climbed up the cupboard when I wasn’t looking, and then he started doing other things, like wetting the gamepad and brushing his uncle’s treasured game board with a brush. I just want everything in my house to disappear so I don’t have to worry about the terrifying potential of small children finding things. After recovering from a cold, I looked up games with similar stories online and was impressed by Where is He: Hide and Seek.

Where is He

Game features


Children hide in every nook and cranny of the house while running around in this game. Hiding behind the toilet, under the bed, and in the toy tent was its chubby little body. When you’ve been looking for him all day, all you can hear is laughter coming from somewhere in the big house. In addition to playing hide-and-seek with your baby, you have other tasks to complete, such as feeding him, putting him to bed when he should be sleeping, and so on. After a long day, drag him to the shower area in the bathroom.

You need to comfort it and give it toys to play with when it cries. It’s also necessary to change diapers when needed. Your child is at the pinnacle of both creativity and destructiveness. It can do some shocking things that result in unanticipated mishaps in the house in a matter of thoughtless seconds.

Freely choose the character

Where is He: Hide and Seek’s unique selling point is most likely the character selection feature. You have the option to play as the child in addition to the “victim” in this game. The child is the origin and reason for every suffering in the game. It is your responsibility as a parent to find your child wherever you are and prevent him from injuring you in an accident.

Where is He

Download Where is He: Hide and Seek

Where is He: Hide and Seek’s game screen never ends and offers an infinite variety of maps. Fathers struggle to keep their children safe, and Where is He: Hide and Seek is filled with children’s endless creativity, countless tragedies, and tears of laughter.

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