When the Past was Around

When the Past was Around V1.128 MOD APK (Unlocked Full)

Name When the Past was Around
Publisher Toge Productions
Genre Adventure
Size 539 MB
Version V1.128
MOD Info Unlocked Full
Updated December 04, 2023
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Application introduction

When the Past was Around is an adventure game published by Toge Productions. This is the story of a girl who falls in love and goes through various processes of struggle, breakdown, and overcoming challenges. During the course of the game, you may find a shadow of yourself somewhere in this girl. The game will immerse you in the narrative, allow you to witness every event that befell the girl, and induce sympathy for her.

Introduce about When the Past was Around

As it happens, people do not naturally have feelings. These complex feelings are born of experience, pain, pleasure, and loss. Your maturity is determined by how you deal with life’s difficulties and failures, not by simply getting older. Even if we live a long time, we are always surprised by various things in life and gain new insights. You’ll go on a romantic and therapeutic journey with this game. You can shorten the learning curve even further with the help of this simple, moving, hand-drawn point-and-click puzzle game called When the Past was Around.

When the Past was Around

Game features


When the Past was Around explores themes of storytelling, love, brokenness, and letting go of Eda, a young woman who is hardly in her twenties. She raced to find her dream, like many young people do, and lost herself in the process. Remember all those times in your twenties when you felt so lost and alone? Ada experienced difficulties with love and dreams, just like most people do. Nothing in her environment seemed to fit Ada, and she could never seem to find a soul that spoke to her. Before she met the Owl, Ada had been aimless for days.

When she met him, everything changed and she realized how boring her old life had been. The Owl stoked a deep longing in her with sincere love. Love without calculations is what happens when two people genuinely love each other and spend their final years together. The poetic tale When the Past is Around gently stirs up powerful feelings in readers, serving as a catalyst for human emotions.

When the Past was Around

Break up and go through

It’s not always easy sailing in life, though. When the Owl left her alone in the house they shared, Ada said goodbye to the dreamtime. Ada seems haunted by memories of that broken love, which forces her to confront her pain alone in a surreal world. Fortunately, as she sorts through those fragments of recollection, she learns a lot, including the details of the relationship and the owl’s departure. You have to work through a sequence of peculiar puzzles that each door unveils in order to discover more about its mysteries.

Eda had healed herself by the time the game ended. Her heart was no longer broken, and she felt relieved. Eda will smile, treasure this memory, and tuck it away in the deepest recess of her heart one day.


When the Past was Around is the same as traditional point-and-click puzzle play. The main actions of the game include reading, observing, touching, and dragging the screen. A masterfully rendered story of a broken heart has been created by When the Past was Around. As the story unfolds, it’s more than 1,000 words and beautiful hand-drawn graphics will intrigue you from the moment you click on the game. You’ll enter Eda’s reinvented memory world as the story progresses.

Each chamber represents a momentous shift in Eda and The Owl’s relationship. Every room will be filled with numerous memory shards that you must solve as puzzles. Once you’ve solved every puzzle in that room, the door leading to the next one will open.

When the Past was Around

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If you want to try a quick and fun adventure, then definitely choose this game. In the game, you will find that there are always some exciting things that are like mirrors reflecting your youth. We spend our lives constantly searching for our dreams, bittersweet joy, love, and the ability to let go. When the Past was Around is a great little game through which you can discover more about your own journey with your loved one, reflect on past romantic relationships, and explore your deepest emotions.

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