Westland Survival

Westland Survival V6.5.0 MOD APK (Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP)

Name Westland Survival
Publisher Helio Games
Genre Action
Size 445 MB
Version V6.5.0
MOD Info Free Purchase, Mega Menu, VIP
Updated December 05, 2023
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Application introduction

Westland Survival is an action video game published by Helio Games. Fans of action games may be familiar with the game’s Wild West shootouts and thrilling adventures, as they have been covered in other games. But have you encountered any real struggles that exist in this land? You can learn about the dangerous reality of this new Wild West territory by playing the wilderness survival game Westland Survival.

Introduce about Westland Survival

Arranging crops in a barren, dry region is never easy. The first men stepped out into the uncharted West, but there was no government to encourage them. I consider them all heroes in terms of bravery. Because even though they don’t know what kind of weather or animals to expect, everything is unknown, they still decide to go. You will receive the most comprehensive introduction from Westland Survival to help you understand the dangerous journeys undertaken by these pioneers.

Westland Survival

Game features


Video games are among the many well-known artistic works that have been influenced by the exploration of the American West throughout history. A different setting was selected for the game by Westland Survival. Westland Survival does not exploit the shooter and cowboy themes, in contrast to many other games, in order to depict the daily lives of the first settlers of the Wild West. Throughout this initial phase, they had to contend with bad weather and inadequate living conditions. Hazardous wildlife and disease threats can arise at any time.

The struggle for Survival in Westland Survival is extremely brutal, and since every aspect of life has been recorded in history, the sense of survival in the game is more real and intense. Players have to manually craft a variety of items to build their first shelter. Next, use various cowboy skills to protect the house and yourself from hostile enemies. In essence, everything you see and do imparts new skills and knowledge to you. This is the beginning of the path to becoming a first-generation cowboy legend.

Westland Survival

Construct the initial home and farm

When you get there the area is still dry, hazy, and rarely obscured by vegetation. You are convinced that you will be fine here, but what we need to do is have a good place to live. Make a simple ax by assembling some of the trash you have lying around. With the ax, cut wood, fell trees, and make some durable, beautiful crafts. After your gradual efforts, the next small house gradually takes shape, however, this is only the first step, still not enough to guarantee a safe life. You can gather uncommon resources and materials to expand the living space on your farm and add more space for planting and crop-raising.

To protect your farm, you need to set up a thorough fence and fort system. When all the preparation is done, the place is not only suitable for visiting but also very suitable for players to live in, safe and quiet, which is an ideal choice for players.

Cowboy style

The place was desolate, with few tourists and no factories or machinery, everything was empty. Since you’ll be among the first people to set foot on the land, you’ll need to use all of your crafting abilities to create the necessary items yourself. Your weapons become more and more advanced, from simple axes and hammers to bows, guns armor, and more. With them, your chances of surviving on the land also increase, and being able to defend yourself more effectively and dynamically.

Dangerous animal

There are a lot of possible danger sources in this Wild West. While your attention is on your kill, a large bear might leap. If a dangerous reptile bites you, you could suffer possibly fatal injuries. To steal all of your laboriously earned produce, the evil bandits are also constantly circling the farm. Catch the wild horses and bring them to the farm where you can tame and train them to be submissive mounts. If a cowboy is going to move fast enough to beat an enemy, his horse is going to be his main tool.

Westland Survival

Download Westland Survival for Android

Playing the vibrant survival game Westland Survival, which takes place in the Far West and features real-life historical colonization, puts players’ shooting and resource management skills to the test. Play the game to turn yourself into a legendary cowboy!

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