West Legends: Guns & Horses

West Legends: Guns & Horses V1. MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Name West Legends: Guns & Horses
Publisher Bozzy Games
Genre Action
Size 799 MB
Version V1.
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Updated December 05, 2023
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Application introduction

West Legends is a role-playing game published by publisher Bozzy Games, set in the Old West and featuring simulation elements. If you like cowboy-style role-playing games, then you should definitely try this fun game.

Introduce about West Legends: Guns & Horses

It was an era of freedom and chaos in the Wild West. There are all kinds of people and wildlife around this area. The street is full of armed robbers, smoke, heat, desolation, and plenty of bars and bistros. These are scenes from well-known movies about this turbulent period of American history, which you have definitely seen. It’s a challenging task to turn it into a game and a heroic story about the birth of a real hero. Not every developer can successfully handle the typical Wild West scenario and give players a lot of chaotic and playable events in this Western environment. The theme of West Legends: Guns & Horses was boldly introduced by Bozzy Games.

Thanks to the game’s setting, you have the freedom to design your own town in the unexplored American West. You can take on a variety of difficult challenges in the game, build buildings, gradually grow, and become a legendary hero in the area.

West Legends

Game features


To become a professional mayor, create a prosperous town, and outlaw illegal gangs in the West are the player’s primary objectives in West Legends: Guns & Horses. The player of West Legends: Guns & Horses can use firearms while mounted for combat. It also allowed players to join clans or alliances with other players in order to continuously bolster the group. You have to learn how to use all of your weapons well and fight fearlessly against all of your opponents in order to win the gunfight.

While you are hard at work fighting and building, you can also engage in activities to relax, such as going fishing at the lake or walking around the town where you can see the local wildlife and appreciate its unspoiled beauty.

West Legends

Different heroes

Before every fight starts, you will be able to choose your preferred battle squad. At this moment in the game, ten heroes are up for recruitment. Each hero has special skills, capabilities, and weapons. For each hero to reach their full potential and gain an advantage in battle, you need to have the right plan in place. Once a level is completed, players will gain experience points and gold coins. With experience points, you can give your character stronger abilities and improve their stats.

Rich gaming experience

In this exciting western game, you can do a lot of fun things, such as riding around to explore the vast, wild, yet free land. Make friends easily and be ready for deadly confrontations with enemies. Furthermore, this game contains a ton of treasures. In order to survive and conquer the terrain, you need to use your gun for skilled shooting.

A different choice is to form an alliance with other heroes and use your combined might to defeat even the most powerful and ambitious foes. You can build any project that interests you in the game, such as factories, shops, blacksmiths, bars, train stations, and other amazing projects. You will be tasked with building them from the ground up. Apart from combat, exploration, and building, West Legends: Guns & Horses offers an abundance of other entertaining activities such as hunting, watching sunsets, dating, and falling in love. There are so many things to discover in the game that you will be completely immersed in it because of these elements.

West Legends

Download West Legends: Guns & Horses

This role-playing game set in the West may be reminiscent of the famous video game Red Dead Redemption. If you’re a big fan of the cowboy theme, download Western Legends: Guns & Horses and you won’t be disappointed!

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