West Gunfighter

West Gunfighter V1.15 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name West Gunfighter
Publisher Candy Mobile
Genre Action
Size 26 MB
Version V1.15
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 05, 2023
Download (26 MB)

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Application introduction

West Gunfighter is a cowboy-themed action game published by Candy Mobile. Because of the nearly two decades of development and updates, the mobile game market is more diverse and richer than it has ever been. Nearly everyone has at least one favorite mobile game. Furthermore, for shooter enthusiasts, West Gunfighter is a great choice.

Introduce about West Gunfighter

West Gunfighter is set in the Wild West era of the first half of the 19th century, which coincided with the pre-Western cultural crisis. The game has a good publisher, Candy Mobile, for both iOS and Android users. In this free-action adventure game, you play as the main character and your mission is to find and destroy enemies and keep the peace for all players.

West Gunfighter

Game features


The goal of the gameplay in West Gunfighter is to deliver a demanding and captivating adventure gaming experience. You’ll play the role of a Western cowboy, and you’ll be able to manipulate the character’s movements as you complete various missions. Players are free to explore the map during the game, and your character’s development path is determined by your own ideas. The typical RPG moves that your character can perform in West Gunfighter include running, jumping, swimming, and scaling walls or objects to get past obstacles. You can also use other weapons, like knives or grenades, to fight and defend yourself against enemies.

A map system

The Western Gunners map system can give you a challenging and exciting experience. There are missions and challenges to be found in each of the various regions that make up the map. In West Gunfighter, you can navigate the map, visit different areas, and find a variety of settings, topographies, and buildings. The large map features a lot of unique locations, such as a mineral camp, a Western town, a wild forest, and a spotless river area. Furthermore, the map displays valuable items and gear, such as money, armor, weapons, and apparel. By exploring new territory, you can strengthen and equip yourself.

West Gunfighter

Powerful combat system

The combat system is one of the key gameplay components of West Gunfighter. You will fight as a Western cowboy and use guns and other weapons to protect yourself from enemies. As you play the game, you’ll encounter a variety of opponents, from destructive bandits to murderous attackers, who all play the role of wanting to kill you. In Western Gunslinger, there is a strong Arsenal and a large number of guns for players to choose from, and you can attack enemies with the guns of your choice. Additionally, you can enhance your fighting prowess during battles by using new skills and equipment.

When you use combos in battle, which is a combination of different attack moves, you gain more power and deal more damage to your enemies. Nevertheless, you have to handle and dodge carefully to avoid being struck by the enemy’s strong counterattacks. Your character might be defeated by your opponent if you fail to dodge in time. It’s best to use the appropriate combo moves to protect your character when attacking and dodging.

Upgrade weapons and customize character appearances

You have access to a large selection of weapons in West Gunfighter, including machine guns, pistols, revolvers, and knives. Each weapon serves a specific function and will be used in a variety of situations. If you want to boost the power of your weapons, you can choose to repair and upgrade them. This will make you smoother when fighting against enemies. Apart from enhancing firearms and armor, this game provides an unparalleled experience where you can personalize your avatar’s look by selecting various outfits, headgear, eyewear, and other accessories. These tools and equipment will enhance the fun of your missions and activities while showing off your character’s unique personality.

West Gunfighter

Download West Gunfighter for Android

This Cowboys-themed action shooter features simple gameplay, stunning graphics, and a delightful soundtrack. Download the game and enter a fantastic, retro world!

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