Weapon Craft Run

Weapon Craft Run V2.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Weapon Craft Run
Publisher Rollic Games
Genre Arcade
Size 356 MB
Version V2.2.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 07, 2023
Download (356 MB)

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Application introduction

Weapon Craft Run is an arcade game published by Rollic Games. Publisher Rollic Games has produced many excellent games that have been loved by gamers since their release. For example, games such as Money Rush, Blob Hero, and Pressure Washing Run are highly entertaining, quick-thinking games that players can use to pass the time and take a short break. In addition, fans of arcade games may find a lot of fun in Weapon Craft Run, recently released by Rollic Games.

Introduce about Weapon Craft Run

An incredibly appealing mobile game, Weapon Craft Run blends elements of racing, shooter, and “endless runner” genres. In this game, you become an object, constantly collecting supplies and weapons to fight enemies and avoid obstacles. Some of the settings in this game sound novel and even a bit ridiculous, but it has attracted a lot of players, and the game has been downloaded more than 500,000 times in the first month of its release on the Google Play Store.

Weapon Craft Run

Game features


The difficulty of Weapon Craft Run’s gameplay varies depending on the level you choose. The character you control will be in an orbit, and you must move quickly to avoid collisions and obstacles. In order to resist the enemy’s attack and destroy the enemy, you must take the initiative to fight. If your opponent hits you on the run and you don’t have enough firepower to wipe them out, the game ends and you lose. The game has a powerful Arsenal, and different weapons can deal different levels of damage, so you can choose the right weapon for the situation.

In the game, you will get weapons and ammunition during the course of the game, and they will all help you defeat your opponents. You will learn to take full control of the weapon, changing and customizing the weapon to improve its attack power, rate of fire, and accuracy. The harder the level, the better prepared you have to be to collect resources and data.

Weapon Craft Run

Collect items dropped while running

Weapon Craft Run plays similarly to other endless runner games in that you must acquire a large number of essential items in order to level up and complete certain tasks. It is specifically during running that certain items will appear, such as money, higher stats, and more guns. There is no doubt that these items you get can be used to purchase additional tools and equipment outside the workshop. Of course, the green cells are very important on the track, and the proportion of them is higher, so you should not ignore them.

You can increase damage, ammo, and fire rate according to your own needs. But there are usually two or three options clustered together, and your task is to quickly determine which box you should enter to get the most out of it. These upgrades will have a significant impact on your development later on.

Customize and purchase new equipment

By personalizing and purchasing new equipment, you can enhance your character’s weapons and attire in Weapon Craft Run. The shop sells a variety of accessories, including barrels, scythes, ammunition counters, and prisms. Every weapon is different, and you can use different weapons in different situations. For example, you need to use a more powerful gun when you want to defeat a stronger opponent, but a higher-power weapon is more effective when you need to fight multiple opponents at the same time. To upgrade and purchase armor and weapons, you can use the gold and cash you earn from in-game activities and missions, as well as the gold and cash you spend from in-app or in-game purchases.

Weapon Craft Run

Download Weapon Craft Run for Android

The best option for unwinding during your free time is to play this game, which is appropriate for players of all ages. The game’s 3D graphics will amaze you, and the game’s rich gameplay will never let players get bored.

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