Warplanes Inc

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Name Warplanes Inc
Publisher Ломакин Дмитрий
Genre Action
Size 124 MB
Version V1.18
MOD Info Free Upgrade
Updated December 07, 2023
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Application introduction

Warplanes Inc is an action game where you can see a combat helicopter emerges from under the white and black surface. Bullets and bombs dropped from the sky, creating a hard-to-hide halo. Fans of World War II video games can’t help but burst into tears when they are exposed to such scenes. Download Warplanes Inc now and experience something similar!

Introduce about Warplanes Inc

If you want lasting peace, then you have to be prepared to fight, natural peace does not exist. Guns, blood and the bones of previous lives have brought us this time of peace. A lot of people would like to be present at such a historical moment. This idea is the reason we have so many games with a World War theme. In every war, use your mind to develop different strategies to defeat your opponent. This game is your ideal choice if you’ve been searching for an excellent World War II aerial combat game but haven’t yet discovered the perfect one.

The game finds the ideal balance between historical significance, commonality, and simplicity, so players can fully focus on the battle stages of Fighter Corporation.

Warplanes Inc

Game features

A rather static setting

In contrast to other World War II games, these often feature intense battlefields with lots of moving objects. Players must regularly fly freely through the sky while firing guns and rockets nonstop in order to unlock achievements. A relatively static setting is offered by Warplanes Inc. In Warplanes Inc, we feel like we’ve entered that bleak period of history where the only things visible against the stark black and white background are houses, trees and enemies. A fighter you control will act as the only source of color, appearing in the shadows and circling overhead before it releases its shells. The explosives and projectiles fired by fighter aircraft are another component with vibrant colors.

Control the fighter plane

World War II was the sole source of inspiration for the Warplanes Inc, and all other content was completely fictional. The two rival groups on the other battlefield are not only made up, but they also never happened in actual history. But this era’s history is what determines the type of aircraft, the upgrades, and the weapons installed on it. Based on that setting, a set of tasks are presented to the player.

Initially, the only task was to bring the fighter jet down over the vast areas beneath. The later in the game, the more difficult the task, so you need to give more detailed instructions. You are fighting the remnants of enemy forces, and you need to destroy enemy bases and tanks through air strikes. You have to precisely control aircraft close to the ground, for example, if you’re flying a fighter jet, your goal is to destroy enemy infantry. When trying to destroy an enemy base from the air, you need to fly high and far to get wide coverage.

Warplanes Inc

Upgrade your warplane

In addition to the reward for successfully completing the mission, players will receive bonuses. You can use the money you get to buy equipment to upgrade your weapons and aircraft parts. You can upgrade the plane’s propellers and give them a new skin to make them look more stylish. Alternatively, replace the armament on the wings with more bombs on the tail. Every such upgrade results in a slight shift in the sense of control.

Get used to your fighter

Your fighter jet is designed specifically for fighting. They can finish the job because they are light, nimble, and equipped with strong weapons. It will require some time for you to get used to Warplanes Inc.’s controls and virtual buttons. Work your way up to mastering it, starting cautiously on the first screen.

Warplanes Inc

Download Warplanes Inc for Android

You can interact with a range of real aircraft from World War II history and backgrounds at Warplanes Inc. If you like the concept of aerial combat and are looking for something that is sufficiently strong and focused, play this game right now.

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