Warkings V1.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Name Warkings
Publisher Emılco
Genre Strategy
Size 144 MB
Version V1.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Updated December 11, 2023
Download (144 MB)

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Application introduction

Warkings is a strategy game published by Emılco. Warkings is going to send a strong warning to everyone who aspires to rule over a strong empire in this world. If you want to be a powerful master of an empire, you have to pay a price, sometimes a very high price. Regardless of their own safety, the characters in the game construct villages and conquer New Territories during protracted battle nights. Are you prepared to construct a vast empire?

Introduce about Warkings

Everyone on the planet is avaricious, and a large number of people aspire to be kings and hegemons. There have been numerous conflicts between states for control of a sizable territory with significant power since antiquity. They may be public heroes or they may be tyrants. If you had the chance, what type of monarch would you choose to be? You will learn about the emperor’s functions, development path, and career in the historical war strategy role-playing game Warkings. There’s no way you can miss it if you enjoy this kind of strategy gaming.


Game features


You are the one who needs to lead a group of lost souls. As the leader, you progressively assemble your people to build, fight, and take over vast territories to begin recovering the splendor of the empire that was lost before its demise. We have the great battle road ahead of us. Those who have the guts to finish are the most courageous. Provide training for your people, build barracks, and arrange numerous, demanding training courses. This army force is the first that the village will have. Along with troop concentration and combat skill development, every part of the village needs to be ready for defense, logistics, and long-term sustainable development.

Rationalizing human resources

Employ the remaining human resources in the community to send the surviving citizens to mine the region’s mineral resources to build a variety of advantageous infrastructures for the village. These consist of armament factories, metallurgical plants, strategic command centers, and observation towers that keep an eye on the battlefield from a distance and spot trespassers. Alongside homes, tents, warehouses, and various other food-related and food-processing establishments, these are also the village’s “hero squares,” where future elites assemble.


Improve infrastructure

The main goal of building these works is to ensure a strong front line while meeting the needs of the ongoing war and the basic development of the inhabitants. It is only then that your empire can maintain its internal and external balance. Infrastructure is crucial at all times. Even if you are a monarch who opposes invasion and occupation of land, you cannot influence others. Someone else may try to invade your empire because they know where you’re building. The building of a strong army and constant development are the only long-term survival strategies available in this scenario.

Assemble a diverse team of heroes

Wars are won by the vast majority of heroic forces. To win a battle, in addition to powerful weapons, you need to assemble a diverse group of heroes, each with unique skills and advantages. We need to position all of our heroes to be both offensive and defensive. Verify that they are equipped with all the weapons and gear needed. The heroes’ leveling system determines how much power, ability, and upgrade they receive after each battle based on their accomplishments. Your chances of winning a fight increase with the quantity and quality of heroes you have.

Joining a clan

It’s hard to beat the already formidable empire’s armies if you’re alone in this huge world. To increase your chances of survival, amass more soldiers, and gain invaluable combat experience, you should consider joining an already-established clan.


Download Warkings for Android

You can find many accurate representations of the brutal territorial conflicts of ancient times in Warkings, an outstanding war strategy game. If you like this kind of graphically good strategy game, are you ready to download Warkings?

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