Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower V2.4002 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Publisher Perchang
Genre Strategy
Size 164 MB
Version V2.4002
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 11, 2023
Download (164 MB)

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Application introduction

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a turn-based strategy game set in an ancient world published by Perchang. Even the biggest game enthusiasts will be enthralled with it. Take on tough turn-based fighting in a medieval environment by playing this game right now!

Introduce about Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

It was a time of peace, when men, demigods, dwarves, and monsters lived together in the world. Until the day the Lord Gaunt Summoner appeared, just as prophesied a millennium ago. To defeat this destructive germ, the strong heroes from every species on Earth will have to unite and battle at the foot of the Silver Tower. The only way to maintain world peace is to reach the top of the Silver Tower as one and find and destroy the Gault Summoner.

Warhammer Quest

Game features


The game’s story is set in the ancient world of Europe, as there were many strange objects associated with ancient legends at that time. Players can draw inspiration from a variety of sources because each game has a unique story and gameplay that are connected to the developer’s preferred aesthetic. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower This game features visually striking battle graphics that allow you to fully experience the ancient world. The mythology of the age of Sigma in the game foretells a strange time. In this era, global peace is maintained by knights in armor, not gods. With its signature turn-based strategy gameplay, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower successfully recreates this part of the eternal myth with iconic turn-based strategy gameplay.


Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower uses turn-based gameplay to tell its whole story. This game leaves a lasting impression on players because of its powerful monsters, top-down viewpoints that can be adjusted, combat effects, dark tower backgrounds, and knights. Players can spend hours upon hours immersed in these features. From the base of the Silver Tower, you must lead an army of heroes who can command the warriors in armor during the battle.

Players will progress to a new tower floor after winning a major battle, denoting a new rank and increased power level. In addition, you must constantly learn new skills for the warrior on the team and acquire more items to increase your power. Enemy strength and quantity increase proportionately as you ascend the tower. You have to try adding and enabling every weapon and ability available to the warrior.

Warhammer Quest

Classic Turn-based combat

Traditional strategic elements are fully utilized in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Furthermore, this method’s usage is incredibly easy to grasp. During your turn, you may use every skill and weapon you have to launch as many attacks as you can at the enemy. The enemy’s strengths and weaknesses must be carefully considered when choosing attacks to fully convey each warrior’s strength in front of them. Furthermore, based on the warrior you choose, if you have enough mana, you can use a special skill to dispatch the opponent fast during your turn.

When more monsters appear, that’s when you should put your strategic abilities to use. Choose a position that best fits the situation, pair each monster with a powerful skill move, and make wise warrior choices from the current group. This will give you an advantage in the opening battle on the battlefield.


The two difficulty settings in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower correspond to two different game modes. All players can access the first level, which has the same gameplay as the previous story mode. Only aggressive and capable players can enter the second difficulty level, Shadow Over Hammerhal. You should be in the zone as soon as you enter the game, as players will be fighting fiercely from the first level. Monsters attack you at the same time, and they don’t get stronger as their numbers increase.

Warhammer Quest

Download Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

As you delve deeper into the game world and immerse yourself in it, you’ll have the opportunity to see the incredible glory of the most brutal battles. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a real-time strategy game worth playing.

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